This recent Avalanche growth has been amazing. It’s awesome seeing all the new investors flowing into the ecosystem and learning how they can invest and participate in many projects on Avalanche. Here’s 4 Avalanche Gems Live on Avalanche Now!


Cycle.Finance has been on the network since around mid may. It is a custom built yield optimizer on Avalanche. Not only does the application auto compound your LP but it also rewards CYCLE on top of that. Adding a bit more APY % to your already compounded earnings. They offer a revenue sharing pool where you can stake CYCLE and earn a portion of the sites income in AVAX. Some other cool features include Zappers: Zap AVAX into any LP and xCYCLE which allows you to stake CYCLE and earn more CYCLE without worry of IL.

Website: Cycle.Finance
Twitter: @CycleProtocol


Avaware.Network is a Yield Farm, Launchpad/Incubator, and NFT Marketplace/Launches/Staking platform on Avalanche. Their primary DeFi product is Avaware.Network and they also maintain a portfolio of Avalanche projects such as Avalanche.Today, Tip.Blue, Cabbage.Cash, and AvaxCoins.com.

They are also in the process transitioning to AvawareDAO that will continue the work they’ve been doing to grow and make the Avalanche DeFi system a fun and profitable ecosystem. The soon to be released AvawareUSD is a 99% backed Avalanche native stable coin Avaware is releasing. This will make for tons of great farming opportunities and interaction between protocols.

Website: Avaware.Network
Twitter: @AvawareAVE

Avai.Finance (OrcaDAO)

OrcaDAO is a lending application on Avalanche that allows you to borrow and supply assets. You can farm for their governance token ORCA using AVAI/USDC.e. The team joined the Avalanche ecosystem in the late summer after building out everything they promised and has continued to do so.The application has received regular updates and works great.

Website: Avai.Finance
Twitter: @OrcaDao


After the last batch of ohm forks it’s great to see that FortressDAO continues to deliver on their word. The project is growing and the marketing is on point. The quality isn’t even comparable with some of the last few OHM forks we’ve seen. FortressDAO looks like they are here to stick around and I can’t wait to watch their project unfold.

Website: FortressDAO.Finance
Twitter: @FortressDAO

Let us know what you think. The Avalanche DeFi ecosystem has been growing at an amazing rate and it’s hard to keep up with everything. These are just a few amazing Avalanche projects.

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