5 low cap gems in the Avalanche ecosystem

In 2021, Avalanche became one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects.

The Total Value Locked (TVL) on the Avalanche blockchain has skyrocketed since Avalanche initiated a massive liquidity mining effort with Avalanche Rush last August, and the TVL of the AVAX climbed to over 10 billion US dollars in just a few months. 

2022 will be the year web3 technologies will explode, and Avalanche is presently one of the most popular decentralised financial blockchains that will lead this movement. 

But, in 2022, which projects in the Avalanche ecosystem should you pay attention to?

Keep reading to find out!

1. Avaware

With a market valuation of little over $750,000 at writing, Avaware is the ultimate low-cap gem.

Avaware is a DeFi hub on Avalanche that features a yield farm, a launchpad incubator, and an NFT marketplace.

The launchpad utilises the Initial Farm Offering (IFO) model, where participants stake AVE to earn the IFO token in return.

If you are looking to stake your LP tokens, Avaware is one of the best projects on Avalanche to choose from, as it offers high yields on LP tokens from various exchanges.

Avaware has its own NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFT’s. A staking function is also available, allowing users to stake their NFT’s and earn $AVE tokens in return.

Last but not least, Avaware features its own stable coin $AUSD

At the time of writing, Avaware has:

Market Cap: $311,000 

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $762,000

2. Embr Finance

Embr.Finance is an Automated Market Maker based on Balancer V2. 

The platform offers Weighted Investment Pools, Stable Pools, Trading, and Farming.

Embr allows for up to 8 different tokens, which in tandem with the smart order router, can source liquidity from different LP’s and return the best possible price.

Additionally, stakers that provide liquidity earn a portion of the protocol’s fees.

The $EMBR token is used in multi-asset staking pools on the embr.finance exchange with a total supply of 25.000.000 tokens, 68% of which will be used as liquidity mining fees.

$EMBR is the ultimate low cap gem in the Avalanche ecosystem with a tiny market cap and massive upside potential.

At the time of writing Embr Finance has:

Market Cap: $300,000

3. Defrost Finance

Defrost Finance is a decentralised protocol that allows for leveraging yield-bearing assets.

Defrost introduces the H2O stablecoin, an overcollateralized stablecoin by different LP tokens.

It can be minted by staking LP or pool tokens in a vault and is soft pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar.

Defrost has its own governance token, $MELT which also acts as the final safety fund of Defrost. 

It is repurchased from the market and burnt each time Defrost’s protocol reserves exceed a threshold. $MELT can be staked by its holders, allowing them to earn some of the protocol fees. 

Defrost also recently announced a partnership with Chainlink intending to improve its liquidity and lending services.

At the time of writing, Defrost has:

Market Cap: $2,000,000

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $115,000,000

4. Islander

Islander is a fresh project on Avalanche, which just launched its mainet.

Islander serves as a decentralised hub for affiliate marketing and content development. Islander has a distinct and revolutionary style that promotes the usage of NFTs as a core component, as well as its token $ISA.

Islander’s mission includes accelerating and encouraging crypto-based success in various ways.

Some of them are giving crypto projects the visibility they need to succeed by creating interactive quests for their users or providing influencers with a platform to mint affiliate links and receive rewards instantly and automatically. 

It’s vital to mention that Islander has an impressive list of partners, ongoing relationships, and investors to create this vision and network.

At the time of writing, Islander has:

Market Cap: $1,200,000

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $33,000,000

5. Kalao

Kalao is a full-featured NFT platform emphasising metaverse and virtual reality built on the Avalanche network.

Kalao provides a more interactive and personalized approach to exploring NFTs with a marketplace where users may buy, mint, and sell NFTs. Certified collections will be listed to assure consumers of the collection’s legitimacy.

The $KLO is the platform’s governance token, which also serves different purposes.

By staking their $KLO, users can benefit from discounted transaction fees on the platform and access to rare and exclusive NFT collections.

There is a total supply of 500,000,000 $KLO tokens that will be released linearly.

At the time of writing, Kalao has:

Market Cap: $6,700,000

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $119,000,000

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