Recent Play-to-Earn games on numerous chains have attracted people due to the expansion of the meta-universe idea and Axie Infinity, which entirely sparked the rise of GameFi chain games. 

What is GameFi?

Players can purchase tokens in GameFi projects to help them perform better in the game, or they can be sold on the blockchain as a financial asset. Furthermore, GameFi has implemented several processes, such as staking or gathering NFT assets to sell in the market. In short, GameFi is the process of Playing to Earn, one of the most anticipated use cases for Cryptocurrencies. 

Let’s discover the best GameFi projects on Avalanche!

1. Crabada

Crabada is one of the most hyped GameFi projects on the Avalanche Ecosystem and not only.

With a market cap of $155,000, Crabada is placed among the most popular P2E projects right now.

Crabada is an Undersea realm inhabited by Crabada, intense battling Hermit-Crabs. Crabada may be grown and utilized in games to earn real-world cryptocurrency.

The project features two primary tokens ($CRA and $TUS), which are rewarded to players.

$CRA is a governance token earned by staking and game participation during the incentive period, while $TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the game in the form of Mining, Looting, and Lending Crabs via the Tavern.

Crabada is considered an Idle game, and players can deploy their Mining Party, which consists of three Crabada that mine treasures.

It’s placed first on the list as it’s the most established one with a detailed Roadmap and proof that the tokenomics of the system can be sustained!

2. Chicken

While it’s not a game, Chicken gamyfies the process of NFT collection.

Chicken is an NFT set of Chickens that lay $EGG.

The project features an entire ecosystem that incentivizes participants to stake their $EGG to earn $FEED. $FEED is used to grow the Chickens to lay even more $EGG.

The creators have introduced a “Tri-Token Architecture” that is the backbone of the Chicken ecosystem.

My favorite part about the project is its simple mechanics and a super clean and intuitive interface that makes the onboarding process effortless. 

The project has also set an exciting roadmap with $EGG burning mechanics on the way.

Of course, the Chicken Radio playlist, which consists of upbeat chicken music, is a cool idea that hypes effectively!

3. Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained is a fantasy action role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of Guild Master and recruits heroes.

It introduces the Play and Earn system rather than Play to Earn. In simple words, Heroes Chained focuses on creating a great gaming experience.

While Heroes Chained shows some great potential in Gameplay, the Unique Selling Point of the project is its core team.

Mev Dinc, the executive producer who leads the team, and Onur Can Cayli, responsible for the artwork, are two well-known professionals in the gaming industry.

Their past work experience is impressive as they both have some notable mentions in their career.

Mev Dinc is an award-winning veteran video games developer and BAFTA member to give you an impression of the scale here. Onur Can Cayli has been part of huge Studios like  Dreamworks Animation, Marvel, and HBO. Sega, Massive Black, Lola VFX,and  Gradient Fx!

4. Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires is a AAA space metaverse built on the Avalanche Blockchain.

It features a 3rd person Real-Time Strategy Gameplay with PVE, PVP, and economic activities.

NFT’s are, of course, present with Spaceships, Lands, and Fraction Characters utilizing our favorite blockchain technology.

The project has several different aspects that can’t be mentioned in a single paragraph, so I would suggest reading the whitepaper for those interested in learning more about Imperium Empires.

It also has to be mentioned that great names have decided to back the project, such as Three Arrows Capital, Colony, Paramount Capital, and more.

5. Penguin Finance

Some of you wonder why Penguin Finance made it to this list, but it would be unfair if I didn’t mention the project.

While it’s known that Penguin is a DeFi protocol, it also includes a simple game called Emperor.

The Penguin Emperor is a betting Dapp in which players may demonstrate their power by putting themselves on the throne for other players to observe.

Your Penguin may sit on the throne and accrue time as the Emperor by bidding iPEFI. Other players can then fight for a seat on the throne, with each bid raising the sum needed to continue playing.

Those who have sat on the throne the longer are the winners!

It’s a super simple and fun game, and given the fact that Penguin Finance has grabbed some attention, I couldn’t ignore it from this listicle.

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