Avaxtars and Morphie just announced a partnership that will benefit both projects and set the path for NFT games in the near future. The partnership is important because Avaxtars is a game and Morphie is an oracle, a vital relationship for a blockchain game to work correctly, as the oracle manages the random events of the game: location, creation and distribution of the NFTs that are part of the game, among other things.

Avaxtars is an NFT game that already has been around for some time in the sector, as its project was already running in March 2021, a very early date for the Avalanche ecosystem. It is a game where each character is a NFT (Gen1) with a unique genetic code and can interact in their metaverse and generate new NFTs (Gen2). You can send your characters on quests, fight against other players or form alliances. The main token of the game is $AVXT, together with $DGC and $ENXT; each with its own utility. It is a complex project, so if you are interested in learning more, check out their whitepaper.

New features for Avaxtars in 2022

Morphie Network is a community-driven, decentralised oracle network that collects and links real-world data and APIs with smart contracts in a secure, scalable and blockchain-agnostic way. What’s more important is the upcoming launch of their VRF (Verifiable Random Function), an RNG (Random Number Generators) specially designed for smart contracts will guarantee users a seamless experience when interacting with the Avaxtars game. If you want to learn more about them, check out their litepaper.

How an oracle works, by Morphie
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