Avalanche Today is one of the many projects supported by the Avaware ecosystem.

What is Avalanche Today?

We are, in our eyes, the #1 Avalanche news source. Leveraging our unfettered access to the inner Avalanche ecosystem, we bring you the hottest updates that you need to know about.

Who is behind the magic?

The Avaware founder, and innovator

“metadept”. who formed the beginnings of Avaware. With a vast wealth of experience in the web, tech, and gaming space, and more than enough management proficiency to carry Avaware to where it needs to be.

The Avalanche Today project lead, and rampant writer

Arrogant (@AvaxArrogant), brings a host of skills, perfect to support the growth of Avalanche Today. Arrogant has created content for multiple projects in the ecosystem, as well as leads strategic efforts surrounding marketing, business development, and more.


And of course, any future collaborators that care to support the growth of the ecosystem.

None of this would be possible without the folks behind the Avalanche network, who are building an incredibly strong, decentralized, ecosystem.

What is the end goal? The “vision”?

Ultimately, we’re aiming to curate the best content in the Avalanche ecosystem. Build awareness for projects, and keep the crowd enlightened on recent, future, and any speculative market actions.