We love working hand in hand with projects. Supporting advertising, marketing, and popularity efforts across multiple mediums.

Rest assured.

We feed the hearts and minds of an intelligent, laser-targeted, crypto-focused readership. Built-up of social media advocates, investors, and inter-project networkers. On a daily basis.

Our core team has worked intimately with the following projects. Supporting development, content creation, copywriting, and marketing efforts.

  • Pangolin Exchange; the largest DEX in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  • Yield Yak; the largest yield optimizer, auto-compounder on Avalanche.
  • Avaware; our parent project, and blockchain project incubator.
  • Elk Finance; a large cross-chain liquidity network spanning multiple blockchains.
  • AVME; an innovative blockchain-based security suite.
  • And, many, many more.

We are connected with the furthest outer rungs of the Avalanche ecosystem and have the platform to bring you in.

Payment approach.

We accept payment in crypto. Avalanche network payments are preferred, but we accept funding across all networks. All funding is to be used to further the Avalanche Today, Avaware, it’s contributors, and marketing efforts invested in attracting the viewership your project so desperately desires.

Earnings are used, in part, to buy back Avaware, AVE tokens. Which are then used to support the wider Avaware ecosystem’s growth and contributors. This helps to build our brand through investment, the wider Avaware incubation approach and ensures buy pressure is ever-present for the AVE token.

Payments made in our native AVE token will enjoy a 5% discount. Further incentivizing both the purchase and usage of our native token.

Our offerings.

We are open to negotiation on all offerings. If you desire anything that is not explicitly mentioned, we will best cater as per your requirements too.

We have multiple banner locations that we can offer you. All sizes are figurative, and indicative only of “commonplace” creative sizings. Custom placements can be negotiated.

  • Sidebar placements; 300×250; 300×600; images or textual.
  • Header placements; 728×90.
  • In-post placements; 300×250; 728×90; images or textual.

Press releases.

We publish press releases that you have written, via our platform.

All press releases go through expert editorial review. With inclusive SEO optimization and legibility formatting. And, are included in our prestigious press-release category, reserved only for our business partners.

Your content is featured on all of our social media channels. Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and, our growing two-step confirmation mailing list. Incurring passive benefits long after we have completed publication.

We publish content about your projecthandcrafted by professional wordsmiths.

Educational content.

Let us build out a clear, step-by-step guide for your product. Employing the highest SEO standards throughout, to ensure that the piece both ranks, and reads, professionally.


Upselling the benefits of your project. With strong calls to action. Active voice. And personality.

We have unrivaled copywriting ability. And you–yes, you, and your team–will benefit beyond measure from the organic, passive, brand-image sculpting that Avalanche Today can provide. See …

Not only can we keep users hooked.


  1. We can keep their attention, and…
  2. Leave a lasting impression.
  3. Trust is the neuroplastic connection that we build in the minds of people learning about your project.

Though … if that’s not your thing.

Non-biased reviews.

Sure, copy is great. But sometimes you need someone you can rely on to tell you what’s what.

Our staff members. We have a huge range of experience spanning both crypto, blockchain development, marketing, and wider technologies. As such, we can provide solid, experienced backed reviews on your project. Free of CTA, upselling, and giving fair coverage of any weaknesses.

Multi-media content

While writing is our main forte, being a news site, we also offer video and audio-based content. We can create educational content, review content, and interview content. This is all published in an SEO optimal way and shared across our social media channels.

  • Video; tutorials, reviews, interviews.
  • Podcasts; interviews, coverage.
  • Graphics; infographics, memes.