AIP: Otherside on a subnet

Avalanche has proposed to launch Otherside on an Avalanche Subnet. According to Avalanche, a Subnet would assist Otherside’s growth since it would benefit from the network’s rapid transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale, and lower gas fees.

Why Avalanche?

The motivation behind the proposal derives from the need for a blockchain that can ensure the smooth, fast and cheap experience driven by the $APE token.

The Subnet technology makes a perfect fit for the Otherside and APE coin case. 

Subnets allow for fast and efficient transactions. On top of that $APE could be used as the primary token, handling the Otherside gas fees and enhancing $APE with even more value by utilizing Avalanche’s fee burn mechanism.

Furthermore, Avalanche has a huge online community that remains truly vibrant and active even during the bear market.

Ava Labs support

Besides the technology incentives of migrating to an Avalanche subnet, Otherside could also benefit from extensive Ava Labs support.

More specifically the Ape Coin DAO would gain access to custom support documentation for new users and Q&A TwitternSpaces, a dedicated support line, user surveys from community members, exclusive invitations to Avalanche events and even co-hosting meetups.

Also a custom block explorer specifically for the ApeCoin subnet could be built and Custom RPC nodes to connect to Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Core Wallet 22.

On top of all the above, the Ape Coin DAO could get access to Avalanche’s $290M incentive program which would help the fast growth of Otherside.

Furthermore, Ava labs can assist with Ape Coin team scaling by giving the DAO access to a talent pool and helping them connect with a deep developer community

The AIP proposed on Ape Coin’s forum is a fantastic idea that would expose both Avalanch and Ape Coin to a new set of users. 

Subnets are a wonderful solution for projects that are looking to scale through a secure, fast, and affordable network. On the other hand, Avalanche could also host an awesome community of original NFT enthusiasts that could also help the network place itself confidently against the Ethereum behemoth. 

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