Ascenders is a sci-fi, open-world action RPG with a completely decentralized, player-driven economy. Players can explore new dungeons freely and explore resources in the distant world – ascension. Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect exclusive content promotions, game-related information, and early access to something special (airdrops, beta access, whitelist for important events).  The team also released a trailer

  Ascenders: Trailer – YouTube         

Ascenders Raised $6.4 million in Private Round co-led by Paramount Capital, Sino Global Capital, Three Arrows Capital, and Merit Circle, the leading investors in blockchain technology and gaming. The investment also features prominent players in the blockchain ecosystem including DeFiance Capital, Blizzard Fund, Colony Labs, GuildFi, Momentum 6, Forward Analytics, Avocado Guild, ZeePrime, Snack Club, Layer X, Mintable and others.

Ascenders offers a wide world of diverse spaces where Players can have adventures on their own digital properties, clear dungeons and build cities. NFTs of weapons, armor, heroes, appearances, resources, and even animal companions can be used or traded by players in a decentralized, player-driven economy. Members of the team have previously taken up leadership positions for gaming titles, including critically acclaimed games such as Call of Duty Online, Grand Theft Auto Series, Marvel’s Avengers, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and many other AAA games.

In Ascenders, players will be able to freely choose their preferred economic lanes at any time. Each lane has its play-to-earn loop and own rewards system, creating complex, lasting interdependencies between players and encouraging continuous trade in the economy. Players will fully own all the weapons, avatars, and land they have created or earned in-game as freely tradeable NFTs.

“An avalanche subnet gives us the flexibility to create our own game execution environment and determine our own custom gas fee structure, making it the best chain for game development.”

Jackson poon, ceo and co-founder of ascenders.

“Ascenders has the experience and bold vision required to breakthrough in both AAA and Web3 gaming. With Avalanche’s Subnet functionality built into its core, its team is bringing entirely new features to users who are craving richer gaming experiences and worlds.” 

Lydia Chiu, Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, stated on behalf of Blizzard.

For further details be sure to keep up to date on Twitter as well as the Ascenders Website for all the latest information.
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