It’s subnet and blockchain gaming time at Avalanche, especially after the recent announcement of the $290M Avalanche Multiverse incentive programme to support the creation and development of blockchain subnets. Subnets are critical to a good blockchain gaming experience, as they allow instant transactions while paying gas fees with the ecosystem’s own token. This allows the arrival of triple A games, one of which looks particularly interesting: Ascenders.

Ascenders is an open-world action-RPG in which its internal economy is fully decentralised and player-driven, thanks to Avalanche’s blockchain technology. According to its creators, it was inspired by the popular Nintendo game Zelda: Breath of the Wilde, in the sense that it is a huge open world that offers full freedom of action. In this open world, players will be able to choose how to manage their assets, with play-to-earn systems where items are traded and fully owned by the player, as they are NFTs. A simple way to understand this is that, unlike in traditional games, if you get a legendary weapon or other valuable item, you fully own it, and you can trade it as an NFT.

AAA games like this require a lot of financial effort, so it’s important that the group behind the game has secured the financial backing of major investors in the industry, including Paramount Capital, Sino Global Capital, Three Arrows Capital, and Merit Circle, along with other big names. For more details, visit their publication on medium. The team will use the $6.4M investment to expand its development force and deliver on the promises of this great Web3 game. The game is being developed by Legendary Foundry Games, a team of game developers with experience at major gaming companies such as Activision, Rockstar, Ubisosft among others. Some of the great titles on which members of the team have worked include Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, among other AAA games, so there is no shortage of talent. Now it remains to be seen how a game of this magnitude is brought to reality within a blockchain, and for that there is no other way than through an Avalanche subnet. Ascenders is just one of the great games to come, as we saw a few days ago with the FPS game Shrapnel, the future looks bright!

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