This year, Avalanche has become the official Formula E sponsor of the Andretti team. Andretti is an iconic racing team in multiple disciplines, including Formula E, the world championship of urban racing with electric cars. For Avalanche, this is a very important marketing move to raise its visibility on a global scale. Formula E has been chosen to give awareness to the ‘green’ nature of the Avalanche network, due to the low emissions of the network’s consumption.

The Formula E championship arrives this weekend to Mexico at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit, where the third race of the season will be disputed. But it’s not just about racing, it’s also about educating about Avalanche and blockchain in general, and for this purpose an educational initiative has been organised for the same weekend as the race.

Race-to-the-Top is a global initiative to educate the crypto-curious about blockchain and train the next generation of web3 developers, so if you’re in Mexico this weekend and feel like participating, don’t hesitate to apply for a place! You will also be able to meet the Andretti Formula E Team drivers on Sunday 12th.

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