Seems like the compounder battle has been raging for a while. YieldYak, Beefy, Cycle, and even Penguin. Hell, there’s even a couple DeXs that are compounding yield in-house too!

Avalanche compounders

1. Beefy Finance

beefy finance avalanche farms.

I first heard of Beefy when I was a BSC regular. But, unbeknownst to some, they also run on Avalanche too. Despite their low TVL, they have quite a few farms too.

2. Yield Yak

yield yak farms
Yield Yak recently added AVE-AVAX PGL compounding.

The most popular auto-compounder? Yes. And, it’s really simple to use to. Yield Yak are the go to place for more people looking to compound LP tokens on Avalanche.

3. Cycle Finance

cycle finance
Cycle finance’s auto-compounding farms.

Less known, new, and packed with potential. They’re really similar to Yield Yak, but, their token is already out! TVL is low, but no doubt it’ll grow as they become more popular.

4. Penguin Finance

pefi compounder
Penguin Finance recently introduced their compounder.

Penguin Finance have been around for a little while now. Their compounder is new though. And boasts some healthy 0% fee farms too.

5. Olive Cash

olive gardens
Olive Gardens, single asset staking pools.

Olive is a popular meme coin launch pad. And a DeX too. But, they also offer auto-compounding! Currently reserved for their Olive token, but worthwhile using if you’re not the type to compound your Olive tokens every day.

6. Lydia Finance

lydia finance single asset staking
Lydia Finance, single asset staking pools.

Lydia also compounds their token. Again, very similar to how Olive does it. Single assets, staked, and rewards compounded efficiently.

lydia finance maximus farms

Recently Lydia introduced their Maximus Farm. Which, like many of the others, compounds LP token rewards.

7. Snowball

Snowball auto-compounding farms

Last but not least we have Snowball, they are one of the very first auto-compounding services on the Avalanche network. They recently published an article on their auto-compounding contracts that’s worth a read here. Snowball lets you auto-compound your LP tokens and then earn additional rewards on top of that by staking in their pools and earning SNOB.

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