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Avalanche Defi is really exciting at the moment. And that you’re still early to it is even better. Pat yourself on the back for that one.


Avalanche Defi

If you’re new to Avalanche, or to Defi, then this article will give you a thorough view of what’s on offer.


Unbeknownst to many people, Zero was actually first. I know right? Surprising. Most people assume it was Pangolin. But, I feel their first mover efforts are worth top place on our list.

zero exchange
Zero Exchange have really gone above and beyond on their product. I’m baffled that more people aren’t using them.

Despite not being as well known as the later exchanges, that have had a few "nudges" in support of their growth, Zero is something you should probably pay attention to.

They’ve got healthy liquidity, support cross-chain bridging, have an amazing UI. And, they were first.

Pangolin Exchange

The big daddy in Avalanche DeFi. This is like what Binance is to CEX world. Pangolin is the main goto place for Avalanche DeFi.

Pangolin Exchange
Pangolin dons the popular Uniswap interface, but, they’re definitely miles ahead of the curve in terms of liquidity and volume.

I spend most of my time trading Avalanche tokens here. Though, despite being the largest they don’t have every token in the ecosystem. Something that could be worked on my opinion.

There team is brilliant, the governance process has already proved itself. And, they’re well integrated within the Avalanche ecosystem. Oh, and they just got listed on Gate.

Yield Yak

Somewhat different to the other Avalanche Defi projects. As Yield Yak doesn’t offer token trading yet. Rather, they have a few tools that support DeFi users instead.

yield yak farms
Yield Yak offers autocompounding to the Avalanche Defi ecosystem.

Their main attraction is their auto-compounding. They pool everyone’s tokens together, and compound the rewards for you in an efficient manner. Which, in theory leads to higher earnings!

There’s a rumoured YAK token coming soon too, which, will take Avalanche DeFi users’ interest. There’s no doubt about that! And, provided you use their services, you’ll be eligible for an airdrop.

Penguin Finance

It goes without saying. Penguin Finance is a Penguin themed dApp. Incase it wasn’t already obvious! They’re more than just that.

penguin finance ui
Penguin Finance’s interface is really cool. I love that they’ve actually innovated.

Though Penguin Finance may appear as if it’s a DeX. It’s not. And if you goto the swap section your forwarded to Pangolin. This could change in the future, though. See …

Aside from the Penguin theme, they’ve got a few DeFi applications; single asset staking through their xPEFI nests, LP farming, and some gamified approaches with the Penguin Emperor game and Penguin Arena.

Elk Finance

Not much is known about the Elk Finance team. But they’re really something special. At first, you might think "okay, looks like a green Uniswap". But hold off for a second…

Elk Finance

We held an interview with Elk Finance recently. And in it, we got a glimpse at what the future holds for Elk Finance. As they build towards mainnet, protect again impermanent loss, and upgrade their UI.

Aside from offering Elk token, they’ll be introducing CHFT stable coins soon, and have already begun distributing their rare Moose NFTs.


Recently updated their UI, and can I say, I really like what they’ve done. Snowball is taking steps to really capitalize on different staking opportunities in the ecosystem.

snowball avalanche
SnowBall offer multiple different farming tools, and dApps.

They offer a few different options. StableVaults, SnowGlobes. And some intuitive ways to customize your staking lengths, earnings, and more.


Olive is to Avalanche, as PancakeSwap is to BSC. They’re popular a meme-coin launchpad. Everything from Monkeys to Mammoths, to Snow Leopards, have seen farm offerings on Olive.

olive cash
Olive offer multiple different farms. Which, tend to pay a lot because of the meme nature of their tokens.

Recently they included auto-compounding too. And, they’re actually running on both BSC and Avalanche simultaneously.

Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance is a PancakeSwap-like DeX with a Lion/"Ancient" Greek theme. They’ve (believe it or not) actually acquire a CerTik audit. Which is way more than a lot of other DeXs have in terms of safety.

Lydia’s electrum pools offer single asset staking, and auto compounding too.


Another themed DEX, perfect for French Avalanche Defi users. Hehehe.

Baguette has different staking options; single staked pools, LP farming, and that lovely smell of cooking bread.

Cycle Finance

Flying pretty low under the radar for the time being. Cycle Finance are very similiar to Yield Yak. In that they autocompound LP rewards. Tokens are pretty limited in supply at present.

cycle finance avalanche defi

Canary Exchange

A newer decentralized exchange; Canary is very similar to the previous DeXs, but with higher farming rewards as they’re very new.

canary exchange avalanche


Complus are attempting to build a cross-chain bridge for assets on a few chains. Avalanche, BSC, HECO.

Dead Avalanche DeFi Projects?

Unfortunately, some projects haven’t spoken much. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re still doing something!

Birdy Finance

Birdy Finance unfortunately stopped responding to their userbase for a number of weeks. After we posted an article about them, they came back and announced they would no longer be pushing their project.


Not sure on this one? But not much seems to be going on.

pandaswap avalanche
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