Avalanche Foundation X Eonxi

Avalanche Foundation has just announced a strategic partnership with EonXI labs, a relatively young incubator for Web 3.0 companies.

EonXi has been creating, investing in, and enabling innovators in the Web 3.0 space since 2019. EonXi and its ecosystem are guardians of the next internet revolution, led by a diverse team of blockchain technologists, marketers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Aaron Wilson and Sherrard Harrington lead EonXI labs. These two very competent leaders have driven the incubation lab into the path of success by focusing on trending markets such as Gaming and the Metaverse

Wilson points out that: 

“People can look forward to a suite of metaverse-oriented products coming out of EonXI Labs in 2022. We want to work with passionate and purposeful strategic partners and investors, like the Avalanche Foundation, who, like us, are well poised to make an impact.”

The investment will bring Avalanche aggressively into the Metaverse arena, one of the emerging and most anticipated markets of Web 3.0

With Avalanche foundation on their side, EonXI labs will be closer to driving mass adoption of the Avalanche ecosystem and the blockchain technology in general.

These are exciting news for the AVAX investors as this critical partnership will stack the TVL of the ecosystem even higher, adding on the momentum that has been built over the last months!

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