APA launched its collection today containing 10,000 unique NFTs, each featuring a unique styling of the unofficial Mascot of Avalanche. All of the NFTs available for sale were claimed within hours of the official launch .

This means all of the requirements of the roadmap have already been met and are set to go forward.

Road Map as provided by APA
The Buy of One Hundred Thousand US dollars of $JOE has been confirmed

With a unique tokenomics and royalty model, the earlier you were able to purchase the more rewards you were to receive. You may look more into the specifics on the home page at APA.

If you missed out on the mint, don’t worry, Avalanche Party Animals are still available for purchase on many NFT Marketplaces or directly on the APA Market.

There are 10,000 unique party animals with various background colors, accessories, and fur types. The tiers are broken down below.

Twitter: @apa_nft

Discord: Avax Party Animals

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