The integrations don’t stop. Not on Avalanche. This time, we’re integrating with Rubic.

What is Rubic?

Rubic is a multi-dex, cross-chain, dex-aggregator. A one-stop-shop for everything. Running on ETH, BSC, Polygon.

Rubic’s front-end, boasting of its cross-chain achievements.

A simple way to trade whatever you want to. Cutting out the noise of getting to a token. Perhaps on a long lost DEX somewhere.

Who’s integrating with Rubic?

Well, there’re two names that you’ll recognize.

But, there’s also another. On behalf of Avalanche.

Sushi showing signs of the nearing Avalanche rush.

SushiSwap integrating with Avalanche

As seen in the image above. A first look inside Sushi running on Avalanche C-chain. Complete with farming, lending, limit orders, and more.

Maximus, the latest yield optimizer

Some of you will be aware. Many of you won’t. But Lydia is extending their franchise.

Creating a new yield optimizer, Maximus. The launch date isn’t yet known. But, it’ll definitely be one to keep your eye out for.

The IFO will launch on Lydia Finance. Which only makes sense. It’s their project after all!

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