KyberSwap, one of the best places to trade and earn for the best rates, begins Phase 2 of their liquidity mining with $1 million in rewards.

KybersSwap launched on Avalanche 7 months ago, kickstarting their collaboration with Avalanche foundation. 

Phase 1 of their liquidity mining program, which was part of the Avalanche Rush campaign, achieved great success with more than $5.5 million in rewards distributed to the participants.

Phase 2 started on March 21st and will be live for the next four months. Liquidity Providers who add liquidity to eligible pools on KyberSwap on the Avalanche Network will be able to claim their rewards any time over the upcoming months.

The rewards are going to be split as follows:

  • $300K in $AVAX and $750K in $KNC (Kyber’s native token)

Eligible Pools for the second Phase of the campaign:

  • USDC.e-USDT / Vesting:60 Days
  • USDT.e-USDT / Vesting:60 Days
  • ETH.e-WAVAX / No vesting
  • KNC-WAVAX / No vesting

To celebrate this partnership with Avalanche Network, KyberSwap has announced a trading contest with $50,000 in rewards.

Each wallet that trades a minimum of $100 will be eligible for a share of the prize pool. Also 5 lucky traders who will be selected randomly will win $1,000

The contest will which started on March 20th will end on the 31st of March and anyone who performed a token swap in the $AVAX pairs will be eligible for it.

You can read more about that here!

What is KyberSwap?

KyberSwap is a multichain Dynamic Market Maker and the primary protocol of KyberNetwork

KyberSwap serves as a DEX aggregator and a liquidity hub with efficient capital pools on different chains!

KyberSwap incorporates a Dynamic Trade routing which allows for the deepest liquidity and the cheapest fees since trades are split between different DEXs on any supported network.

Currently KyberSwap supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Velas, Aurora with plans to move into even more chains in the future!

You can read more about KyberSwap here.

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