avalanche single asset farms

Yield farming can be highly lucrative. But, it can come without its downsides too. Especially when considering impermanent loss.

Which… isn’t my favorite. But. There is a solution!

Lo and behold! …

Avalanche Single-Asset Farms

Woooo! -crowd cheers-

Thankfully, there are options where you won’t cause impermanent loss. In fact:

There are quite a few yield farms in the Avalanche ecosystem that don’t require LP tokens. Or at least offer some sort of single asset farming. Sound’s good?

Here’s a few you should try.

1. Olive Cash

Olive is probably my number one go-to place for single asset farmings. Namely, because they’ve always got brand new farms with super high yields.

Sure, they mostly launch meme coins through their single-asset farms. (aka Olive Gardens.) But, it’s worthwhile getting invested (in my humble non-financial advice opinion).

If you want to automatically compound your Olive, they’ve got that too!

2. Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is probably one the largest single asset farming providers on Avalanche. You can lock up your PEFI tokens in exchange for xPEFI. Which, earns some pretty lucrative yields.

3. Lydia Finance

  • Link: //lydia.finance
  • Key points: Very high rewards, compounding, but, not many farms.

One of the first farms that brought about auto compounding on Avalanche. And relatively unknown.

Lydia has multiple single-asset farms. And, as previously mentioned, also covers auto compounding! The auto compounder takes a performance fee, but if you’re not the type to check your farms all the while, why not.

4. Baguette

Baguette offers multiple use-cases. Farming, swaps, LP farming. But, it’s the single asset farms that you’re here for.

They not only offer BAG farming. But, they also have AVAX single-asset farms. Where you earn BAG for staking your AVAX.

5. Avaware

You can’t forget Avaware. (Our parent project.) Avaware offers both LP farming and single asset farming.

More rewards are paid out for LP farmers, but the AVE farms are still pretty lucrative! AVE-AVAX farmings pay out 5 times more weekly emissions than the single asset AVE farms at present.

6. Avalaunch

  • Link: //avalaunch.app
  • Key points: Low rewards, high indirect payoffs through future launch allocation.

Avalaunch has a pretty intuitive way of keeping their launches fair. Though I don’t know the exact algorithm they use, it’s supposedly something to do with time staking and the amount staked. This score determines your allocation when tokens are launched on their platform.

Sure, the rewards aren’t insanely high, but you will be securing yourself access to new projects as they launch. By staking XAVA you earn more XAVA!

7. Canary Exchange

Canary is pretty new, but they’ve jumped right out of the cage with some great returns. You can stake CNR for more CNR, or you can stake AVAX and earn CNR.

Closing remarks

As a general rule of thumb, LP reward farms pay out more. Farms with you provide two or more tokens. However, you will be subject to impermanent loss. So choose wisely. And educate yourself on any potential downsides.

This post is open to future suggestions. Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll update with any good ones!

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