The poor state of the markets is not going to change the achievements that Avalanche is making, particularly with their famous subnets, as we have been discussing for some time now. We just recently witnessed first-hand the direct effect they have on gas fees with the migration of Crabada to its own subnet, dropping from an average gas fee of 80-100 gwei to a steady 26-27 gwei, which is clearly felt when it comes to paying transactions on the main network.

The first two subnets that were launched, as you may already know, were those of Defi Kingdoms and the aforementioned Crabada, two of the most popular crypto-games of the moment, proving that a dedicated subnet can support the high traffic that these games entail. Moreover, as the fees are paid in their own native tokens, it opens up a new world of possibilities yet to be explored. Timing has not been the best, as they have been launched in the middle of the bear market, but we can already observe the benefits of subnet technology and how indispensable it will be once the market wants to reactivate.

The next subnets known to be launched soon (there are many others that are still being kept secret) are Castle Crush, which we already mentioned here, and Dexalot, Avalanche’s first and only CLOB, to which we dedicated an article in its early days. It is clear that the most obvious application of a subnet is in the Game-Fi sector, which is why three of the four subnets mentioned are games, but that does not mean that this is their only use. In the case of Dexalot we can think of a very important and underestimated utility, and that is the speed and costs of a subnet can allow Dexalot to work as a CeX, diminishing considerably the negative effects of the DeFi technology (speed and gas fees) in this type of protocol. Now imagine the options this opens up for institutional protocols of all kinds, who can create customisable subnets, and apply them to existing systems to dramatically increase their possibilities.

Don’t forget that in subnets the developer can do almost “whatever he wants”, allowing the application of all kinds of ideas. Do you have an idea or want to build something through a subnet? Then try submitting it here. Ava Labs is focused on promoting its subnets, so keep an eye out for upcoming hackathons, workshops and conferences!

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