Avalaunch Kucoin deposit.

And as if by magic, my Wednesday morning has been thrown into a frenzy of dumping alts and market-buying as many XAVA tokens as I can.

Let’s not dive too deep into my impulses.

Instead, let’s cover what has just happened. With a little background to both Avalaunch and Kucoin.

What the hell is Avalaunch?

Avalaunch is a new launchpad for coins running on the Avalanche C-Chain. Think Polkastarter, but for Avalanche. The hub for launching new projects and tokens. Creating opportunities for fundraising in a decentralized, fair manner.

Avalaunch have put a huge amount of work into their brand image. And it’s certain to pay off. Source: Avalaunch.

There are roughly 7-8 million XAVA tokens in circulation. XAVA being the Avalaunch token. It has a cap of 100 million. Which will be released over time. Of which, a vast proportion is being released through farming.

The token’s utility is weighted on its ability to secure certain amounts of a given token as new projects launch. Which, is a hugely valuable promise, as you’ll get to buy into innovative, new projects.

What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is a large centralized exchange. They’ve been around for a while, and compete with the likes of Binance. Offering spot, margin, and futures trading. Amongst many other cool features.

Avalanche is already trading on Kucoin. Source: Kucoin

They’re also innovating with staking, through Pool-X; and also run Polkadot parachain auctions. On top of running P2P trading markets too!

Rumour has it, Kucoin are also building out their own blockchain ecosystem. Think what "BNB" and "BSC" are to Binance. Well…

Kucoin has KCS. And they’re working on their own chain behind the scenes. Which, will no doubt shake things up come next bull-run!

Why the Avalaunch Kucoin listing is huge

To boil it down to two main points:

  1. Avalaunch will gain exposure to huge amounts of centralized liquidity. Centralized exchanges have far more money floating around than decentralized exchanges. Simply put: they’re way more accessible, and to the average crypto-user, they’re also safer.
  2. Avalaunch has paved the way for an “on-ramp” into the Avalanche ecosystem. So, you can now transfer in and out of the Avalanche ecosystem with ease. Which, brings with it untold relief from the pains of navigating through the Avalanche web-wallet cross-chain bridge.

Where can you buy Avalaunch

There are few DEXs with Avalaunch liquidity on the Avalanche C-Chain. Notably:

  1. Pangolin
  2. Lydia Finance
  3. Olive Cash

But, as of tomorrow, 9pm UTC, you’ll be able to buy Avalaunch on Kucoin too!

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