AvaPool Finance is a community-driven validator operating on the Avalanche blockchain, managed by a community of “Governors” who will make the necessary calls and crucial decisions relative to the status of the validator. In exchange for their input, Governors are rewarded with a proportionate amount of the overall generated revenue, all of which can be tracked via the specifically tasked and user-friendly visual UI.

The AvaPool ecosystem consists of just 3500 NFTs ( minting soon ) which will provide their owners with a share of the AvaPool validator revenue as well as governance responsibilities. Governors help to manage decisions regarding validation in direct conjunction with the AvaPool Foundation. Keep up to date with the socials to find out exact dates for the upcoming launch!


AvaPool Governors have several responsibilities. including, but not limited to:

  1. Vote on Subnet Selection Proposals (SSP)
    • Planned SSPs include:
      • Swimmer Network
      • Dexalot
      • Castle Crush
  2. Fee Percentage for Delegations
    • Initial fee percentage set to 100%
How Do I Become a Governor?

Mint and hold an AvaPool NFT.

Governor Benefits

AvaPool Governors combine to make an integral group of decision-makers.

To provide an upgraded experience a Recurring Revenue Dashboard will be built exclusively for Governors. This dashboard will include an array of options for managing your passive revenue, including various interchangeable strategies designed for governors.

Additional Governor benefits include

  • Access to a private AvaPool Lottery.
  • 1 of 1 curated AvaPool NFTs

1 of 1s will be available via auction after mint – ( random airdrops may occur for early Governors )

These pieces are designed by incredibly talented artists.


AvaPool Lottery will be made available shortly after mint. Operating as an opt-in staking lottery. A portion of the proceeds will be utilized to reward a lucky winner each week.

To provide transparency, a public interface will display each winner’s address, NFT, and its associated metadata.

The Art

AvaPool has chosen a unique, animated 3D art to display for its collection and a sneak peek has been provided below!

To Keep up to date with all the latest info coming out of AvaPool be sure to follow the socials and visit their website at AvaPool.xyz

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