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As if the AVE/AVAX pools weren’t enough, Avaware has pulled it off once again. Introducing our single asset pools.

avaware farms
Avaware farms. Source: Avaware

Avaware single asset staking.

Previously, Avaware had settled for AVE/AVAX LP staking. Even going as far as getting on Yield Yak. But, now you can access AVE/AVE farming.

avaware single asset farm
The new AVE/AVE farm on Avaware. Source: Avaware

Here’s how.

It’s actually really simple. And we can boil it down to a few simple steps.

1. Get some AVE.

AVE is Avaware’s native token. It’s used to support the growth of the Avaware ecosystem. Through initial farm offerings, investment in more dApps, and many other things.

buying ave on pangolin with avax
Buying AVE with AVAX on Pangolin exchange. Source: Pangolin Exchange.

Currently, there’s a fair amount of liquidity on Pangolin and a little on Elk too. And the tokens are pretty cheap to buy. I imagine there will be liquidity on Olive soon too.

buying ave on elk finance with elk
Buy with AVE with ELK on Elk Finance. Source: Elk Finance.

2. Goto the Avaware farm.

The farm section on Avaware’s site is where you can deposit your AVE tokens. You can withdraw here too. And, you can monitor your holdings’ value, amounts, reward emissions, etc, too.

avaware farm

3. Deposit your tokens into the AVE/AVE farm.

Pretty simple. Connect your wallet, then deposit! And that’s pretty much it.

avaware connect wallet
Connect Metamask to Avaware

You’ll earn rewards for every block, which is great. You can compound as and when it’s optimal to do so too!

staking ave
Staking AVE in the AVE/AVE staking pool.

What else would you like to see from Avaware?

Avaware is super young, and we’re loving the community adoption so far. But, as you and the wider Avalanche community use it we want to take your input on board!

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see, and we’ll relay it up to the Avaware team!

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