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Our parent project, Avaware, just got a sterling new update. And one that makes it’s $2XX,XXX market cap look like the biggest steal in the ecosystem.

We’ve been creeping up the Pangolin coins leaderboard, unbeknownst to many. Recently, broke $0.10…

Round of applause everyone. Yes, I know, I’m probably more proud than the founder. But hey.

Grand reveal…

Here’s what the latest update entails.

Brand-new, front-end.

The entire site has been reworked, as part of our scheduled updates. With this, there is a number of exciting new components. Here’s what you’ll find on Avaware now.

  1. Updated farm UI! (I know, it’s not the first header bar, but I couldn’t contain my excitement.)
  2. Refined mission statement.
  3. Enlightened the grand vision.

Oh, and lets not forget…

Mobile responsive. BOOOYAAAH.

Hey, listen though, there’s more.

Depthy farming metrics.

God, I love farming. And the more metrics you feed me, the better. I’m a gluten for APYs. Meta, our founder, has thought out of the box with this one. And…

Actually, I’m yet to see this in many places at all.

Daily, and weekly emissions.

Seriously. I can’t believe people haven’t thought of this already. This is what keeps people glued to your farm. Granular metrics. Come ooonnn guyysss, you need to keep up!

Dealing with numbers all day long Decimal points, high frequencies, bang  bang bang - matthew mcconaughey wolf of wall street | Meme Generator

I’m right though. I literally couldn’t care less if your APR is 3059%. I wanna know, down to the very tee, what I’m gonna get that day. The more decimals the better.

Sure, the 10291% APYs are attractive on the first or the second time you come back to your farms. Though if you’ve made it this far, and you’re able to actually get on Avalanche. You are, without a shadow of a doubt, in the same category as me on this.


Unlike many other farms, you can actually see the market cap. Plain, clear, and, right at the top of the page.

Still coming to terms with the project only being 2 weeks old. And there’s no doubt that: we are keeping pace in building out Avaware. You see…

The are many, many, components of the ecosystem that are currently in the works. Not only Avaware–coming for the top spot in the launchpad/incubation niche; but we’ve got NFT markets on the way, we’ve got games coming, NFTs, and a bag of hidden projects that we’re yet to loosen our tongues on yet.


Sorry, sometimes True Shiller forgets his professionality.

Redefining what Avaware is about.

I’m loving the open, warm, approach

Avaware is for people like you. And it is. You see, we’re–yes, Avalanche Today is part of Avaware; we’re looking to expand as a community.

I’m a firm believer in our project taking Avalanche projects to the next level. And whatever levels there are after that.

After all.

If you’re not in Avaware, or at least a partner, or a friend, in some way, you’ll be missing out on a gang of cross-promotion opportunities that the wider inner-circle ecosystem will offer. You’ll see, and we’re taking everyone with us.

Here’s how.

Calling all Builders.

If you can make it, we can incubate it. We want to bring you in. And I’m saying We with a firm community-leveraged ethos. Join us.

We have the talent to support you, and the passion to drive through the shallower offerings that all too often present themselves to crypto.

If you’re not a builder, cool, here’s what on offer for you:

Looking to fill your bags?

I–not financial advice–firmly advise, that I -currently- believe our IFOs to be incredibly lucrative for all involved. Firstly…

For the builders: you’ll get fireworks on launch, big big Big Sydney Opera House at New Year’s, times by five, fireworks. And…

For the investors: you will get unfettered access to the most cutting edge of the latest tokens at launch. Infinite upside potential!

(You can tell what my favorite movie is, right?)

Importantly though, we’re doing it for anyone that wants in.

Crowdsourcing greatnesss.

One thing that draws me to crypto above all, is the community involvement. And okay, it’s been repeated time and time again. But.

We literally want your ideas. You can have them turned into something material. Something that world will benefit from for years to come.

More importantly.

You can join in with like-minded people, learn, hypothesise, philosophise, partner, and join us in what will be a phenomenal ride into the future.

The future will be astoundingly bright with Avaware.

I can promise you that much.

As long as you play your part in painting it.

-mic drop-

(PS, $AVE is farmable and trading on Pangolin now.)

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