Farming in Avalanche? You’ll love Avaware! If you haven’t tried Avalanche DeFi yet, We recommend you take a look at the great options available, many of them undervalued and with huge potential. Avaware is one of these projects, offering different options to get the most out of your DeFi strategies, an “all in one” place to go.

Its main projects

Avaware is the name of the main project, which includes different apps that offer attractive options depending on what you are looking for. Some of these are:

  • Embr Finance: A Balancer V2-style portfolio manager, taking the farming options a step further in complexity.
  • Tip Blue: A bot currently available on Discord that allows you to send and receive different tokens from the Avalanche ecosystem, as tips between users in an easy way.
  • Avax Coins: An interesting NFT coin collection project designed around AVAX.
  • Cabbage Cash: A farm more focused on the single stake.
  • Avalanche Today: A digital magazine where you can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Avaware’s stablecoin $AUSD

One of the main attractions of Avaware, especially considering the current market conditions, is its own stablecoin, $AUSD, which you can learn more about by clicking here

The big advantage of this stablecoin is that you can take profit through the different farms available that include AUSD, as you can generate high yields without having to live in fear of your token going down too much. You can either farm AUSD with other stables to have 0 risks of impermanent loss (34-42% APR in Avaware or 75-97% APR in Embr); or you can farm AUSD with another token (with AVE, for example, you can generate 343% APR in Avaware, or 230% APR in EMBR). Are you going to miss this opportunity? 

NFT’s market

In addition to these interesting options for farming, Avaware also has its own marketplace for NFTs. The NFTs offered by Avaware have their own peculiarities, as most of them have a maximum of 100 units, creating a shortage to take advantage of in the future due to their rarity. Others are intended to function as a launchpad, as buying the NFT also entitles you to claim newly created tokens (as was the case with the Embr launch), or even as a way to sell music discs. Check it out!

A launchpad

Most of the various Avaware projects mentioned above have been launched via the Avaware Launchpad. The way it works is simple, put your $AVE in a single stake on the launchpad and generate the new token via yield. 

This method of launching a token is fair and avoids the mass sales of tokens that we see under other launch modes where investors buy a large number of tokens at a low price, and then sell them massively during the launch, causing huge dumps.

Although only Avaware projects have been launched to date, in the very near future we will see new independent projects launching on the market that wish to make use of this method in which everyone (and not just a few) can take advantage, without fear of whales. 

And much more to come

These are just some of the main things that Avaware offers, but there is still much more to come. Especially interesting is their NFT gaming project, about which little is known yet, although we will soon see the first steps. What do you think about playing Runescape, but with NFT’s and tokens integrated into the gameplay experience? Don’t forget to follow Avaware’s social media to keep up to date with this and much more.

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