avax apes 13 minutes

In only 13 minutes, 10000 were gone. All randomly generated. Each with a unique build of different cosmetic elements.

You can still buy them

The minting process is over, sure. And you might struggle to find one under 2.5AVAX; the initial price. But, there are some Apes on the market.

1. AVAX Ape’s marketplace

There own, inhouse market place. Devoted to AVAX apes. Simple to use, and comes with a bunch of filters to make your purchase easier.

2. Snowflake marketplace

The most active Avalanche marketplace? Correct me if I’m wrong.

A few up for offer on Snowflake. But, be aware they’re likely fakes.

Investors may have listed the Apes on third-party marketplaces. Though, remain hesitant to buy into any. The market is likely flooded with fakes.

Snowflake will hopefully add a verified badge soon.

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