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There’s big problem with uniqueness in crypto. It’s becoming all too rare.

At least, it is for someone who has been through multiple booms and busts. Like myself. And many other Avalanche users.

For those of you that are new, DEXs might seem awe-inspiring. And..

Granted, they are.

But, there’s still a long way to go in terms of innovation. However.

It’s important that you read into what AVME are doing. This is one of the first innovations we’ve seen on the Avalanche C-Chain. I’m not sure that there is anything comparable at present.

Despite the recent dismissals by Collin Cusce–a blockchain developer with experience working for Ava Labs as a senior software engineer. AVME are creating more than meets the eye. The dismissals were probably because he didn’t consider the full whitepaper.

AVME are creating an entire security suite, with multiple use cases.

This already popular knowledge post the release of the AVME whitepaper.

But, while many people are simply thinking. "Blockchain antivirus". There is a lot more on offer. Which, having read the whitepaper…

Answers a lot of problems through decentralization, and its many benefits. Sure, there is a need for centralized entities, but ultimately, what AVME are building will be disruptive to those entities. And they’re doing it through multiple avenues.

AVME have a product backlog that rivals more than any projects I’ve seen in the ecosystem, in terms of innovation, so far. And, the team have the drive to really bring these elements to fruition. Which, if you weren’t aware, includes:

  1. A free antivirus solution.
  2. Endpoint security management.
  3. A decentralized password manager.
  4. Distributed sandboxing for malware detection.
  5. AI/ML engines involved in the detection process.
  6. Decentralized, private cloud storage.
  7. A decentralized VPN service.

But, more importantly. You’ll be getting your hands on something really special with AVME. And sooner than you know it.

AVME are building the first Avalanche-enabled wallets

This, in itself, will be perceived as highly bullish by some. And here’s why.

  1. The majority of the Avalanche ecosystem relies on Metamask. Which, while it serves its purpose well, arguably isn’t the best for all uses.
  2. Metamask is a browser-based wallet. As far as I’ve been made aware, there is no other support for ARC20 tokens on any software wallet at present. Only through what AVME are developing, is this becoming possible.
  3. Browsers are highly susceptible to attack. Coming back to the Metamask point made in (1), if you want to store your Avalanche funds safely, you’ve been restricted to browser wallets so far. Metamask, Avalanche’s Web Wallet. Okay, they’re functional. But do you really feel comfortable leaving vast amounts of wealth in Chrome?


Let’s say "we’ve got people that are more security-minded" in the ecosystem. They don’t want to leave vast proportions of their wealth in a browser wallet…

Well, AVME is providing the opportunity to take those funds, out of the browser. And, not only are they doing it via the software approach. But they’re going further on this.

Both desktop wallet AND ledger support built-in

Now we’re talking.

For those super security-minded folks, you can sync with your Ledger too. The integration has been built from the ground up by the AVME team. Which is an impressive endeavour in and of itself. Having written the USB drivers and such from scratch.

The AVME team have the skills required to build what they’re proposing. They’re working fast. And they have delivered thus far. With a look to expand their team over time.

It’s only a matter of moments before the wider ecosystem starts to realise the prose behind what these guys are building out.

Where can I get AVME?

AVME’s token is currently trading on Pangolin. The liquidity isn’t that high at present, but no doubt this will increase as future integrations become available.

Rumour is, there’s a potential Yield Yak integration coming. So keep your eyes open for that.

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