Birdy Finance, wanted.

Birdy Finance showed promise at launch. And even managed to get wired into Yield Yak–an auto compounding yield optimizer. But…

The young avian Avalanche DEX has since stopped tweeting. Leaving behind investor negativity. Zero direction. And a community left joking amongst themselves about when they’ll be "returning from their migration down south".

The developers have simply disappeared. Perhaps out of boredom, or lack of motivation. As speculated by a few community members.

Birdy Finance’s homepage header, claiming they’re the cutest yield farm on Avalanche.

While their mascot may look "cute", there’s nothing cute about a DEX being left to go stale with users’ funds locked in farms with a 25% paper hands fee.

The Heliopolis warning about there being a 25% paper-hands, “early withdrawal” fee.

Lets see what we can find.

Oh yes, I do love a little deep dive. Especially when you uncover things that people don’t know about already! …

Almost as much as I love a chick dinner.

🐔 70 Funniest Chicken Meme - Meme Central

Following the feather trial.

Birdy’s last tweets.

On May 18th, 8:33, they retweeted CryptoDapper’s giveaway. (By the way, you should check out their insanely cute NFTs.)

Birdy’s last interaction with the Twittersphere before vanishing.
Birdy Finance last formal Tweet. Which, admittedly was in aid of a good cause.

Birdy’s first tweet.

I like my chicken wings raw, so let’s start at the base level. Birdy’s first Tweet was on May 7th. Where they detailed the Bird Token smart contract address.


Searching on the C-Chain for clues

First, find the dev wallet that created the contract. Determine whether or not Birdy is alive. Or Birdy #1 at least.

The AVAX c-chain explorer shows the BIRD contract was made by: 0x1840f20320E4F955db52494b073717EA2b7743f1

The wallet owner is unassuming at first. With only a single AVAX in their wallet. But, it does show the BIRD contract creator is alive. Great.

In fact, they transacted 2 weeks ago! Despite disappearing around 3-4 weeks ago.

They are around. But, the question remains…

Is this a rug awaiting? Are they farming quietly while it’s cheap? Well.

They’re still holding 150K+ BIRD. Yay!

Which for the most part, is a good sign.

This tells us they’ve at least got some trust in the future of Bird. Right?

We’ll dive a little deeper into my psuedo-forensics around this later.

Sniffing around the Birdy Bros telegram.

Birdy Bros is their official Telegram. At least I thought I was. Until an admin revealed it was actually a community hosted Telegram group.

The birds are usually more active on Discord, supposedly. But it’s best we start a hunt here. Incase we miss something.

There are a few admins in the TG. We reached out all of them.

The admins were a dead end.

  • @DanDungus — who opened the Telegram group. And is in contact with “the Bird”, who is only available through discord. AWOL at the moment. But looking through his Twitter and past chats, probably not the Birdy dev.
  • @jaxavax — who joined the telegram group with DanDungus upon creation. Confirmed once again, none of the team in the TG was actually Birdy related. The Birdy Bros TG is community-owned.
  • @cptCrutch — who sought an SL3 partnership, and eventually got promoted to admin. Who, we didn’t contact. As there’s no real tie here in my opinion.

To the dreaded discord.

After seeing multiple referrals to the Discord, I ventured further into the unknown.

Firstly, determining who the team members were. And also to find concrete evidence for the TG admins not being Birdy related. Jax, for example, doesn’t come across as a Birdy dev.

Seems pretty concrete. And his style of messaging definitely doesn’t align with the messages sent by the Birdy team!

The team.

Phoenix, focused on community management, but also a dev.
Welcomes people to the community.
“Is working on a timelock”, so definitely involved with regards to smart contracts.
Raven, who I’ll hazard a guess is a developer. They communicate on technical things more than anything.
Whitey, in control of memes?
Irony in this, for sure.

Honestly, this is about as far as my half day trawl got me. All tracks were covered. And who knows? Perhaps they’re all the same person.

Red flags appear.

Yak Man, one of the founders of Yield Yak–the largest yield optimizer on Avalanche. Clearly states there were specific risks to Birdy that he was super uncomfortable with.

A screenshot taken of a conversation held between Yak founder and a Bird advocate.

As to whether or not the rug code was fixed? Well…

I’m sure it’s evident in their eventual Yield Yak listing. That rug code was probably fixed. The Yak team take rigorous steps to protect their users.

No one seems to have been in contact with Birdy in any capacity for a long time though.

The trail runs dry.

But. There’s no fun in leaving it there.

After half a day digging, I resorted to some guerilla tactics.

Searching Birdy.Finance for clues

I started here, alone, with only my mouse, keyboard, and insatiable appetite for avian breast meat.

Breaded, if possible.

Collecting clues, as I went along pulling all the images from the Birdy Docs I could find. And scanning them for any metadata left behind.

The best I found..

That they used Windows and Adobe Photoshop 21.2. And all the other images had been scrubbed.

I sipped my coffee.

Something out of the corner of my eye. A leak. Yes! Something left behind!

Potentially a Turkish guy/girl?.

I furthered the image search. Tracking down the malevolent Bird trio.

Stumbling across something ever so slight.

Only an eagle could have spotted it.

Fortunately I use contacts. And it was a screenshot.

A screenshot of Binance. BUT.

The main currency was TRY. The Turkish Lira.

A clue, nonetheless, potentially enough to build on later. Though, a very loose clue. As anyone could have contributed the image work.

Breaking out the rusty CTF skills

Before I continue, I’d like to note that no unauthorized access was made to Birdy Finance’s servers. I only leveraged publicly avaliable assets to find them.

I delved into Birdy’s front-end files. From their webpage. Finding only an old manifest.json file leftover from Viking Swap?

A swap that shut down, miraculously on BSC. How strange?

Who leave’s this sort of thing in a DEX? I mean c’mon.

Potential connection here? Perhaps.

But from what I’ve read the Birdy staff boasting about, Birdy apparently forked Penguin’s contracts and Pasta Finances frontend.

Which… I believe.

The Wayback Machine reveals that the initial smart contract address displayed on the Birdy Site was actually Pasta Finances.

Yeah, I went deep on this one.

But still, why Viking Swap manifest? The sites are really quite different. And there’s nothing overly unique in either projects whitepaper that’s made me have an "ah-ha" moment.

The server Birdy is hosted on is all proxied and hidden. Which is passible, for a DeX. But a nightmare if you’re looking to find any usable information.


I trawled through every file in their git hub

Surprisingly, the contracts were barely edited at all. And no rogue comments were left behind. I literally read every single commit. Every change.

I continued…

And after another sip of coffee from my now near half-empty coffee mug.

I was stumped. Surely, they should’ve made a mistake? Somewhere at least?

But, they hadn’t.

The GitHub had minimal interaction. No cheeky comments left behind of any worth. No hidden "tag".

Downloading every image on the Birdy site and searching for meta-data

Yep. I did it.

I downloaded every single image I could find.

And the ones from the Wayback machine too. Searching for meta data.

Nothing. Apart from the reveal that the person that made the screenshots in the docs is from Turkey. And they use Windows. And Photoshop.

Nothing to really write write home about though.

But, hopefully enough to humor you. However…

Eventually the extent of my skillset had been depleted. I had failed. But, if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s being super tunnel-visioned. Things like this keep me entertained for days.

Plus, I’d already begun writing this article, so I couldn’t just waste the beautiful story I’d begun crafting for you either.

So, against all odds. There was on last trick.

I would get this devious clandestine feathered gaggle. Even if I were only to get a few inches closer to the crispy KFC breading, I’d do it.

Trawling the C-Chain the good old fashioned way.

One thing about the Blockchain, it never lies. Pause for quick meme.

Plenty chickens.

  1. The DEV wallet 0x1840f20320E4F955db52494b073717EA2b7743f1 is the biggest Bird whale currently. With 165K Bird tokens, at present.
  1. It started out with a tiny deposit of 5.98 AVAX. Sent from 0x66db867eea76c0c26d8862c83cdc448078118133
  1. Then the DEV created the Bird Token. And some smart contracts. And then assigned the ownership of the Bird Token to the MasterChef contract. Which is all good and well.
  1. Then the dumps start. Admittedly I was totally unaware of this at the time. I too had bought the Bird hype. But. Out of thin air. Big momma credits come into the dev wallet. Which…

Are from the developer swapping Bird for AVAX. And DAI. A lot actually.

Examples of a few of the transactions. Daym. 250 AVAX~. 3 times over in one screenshot!

That’s not even the best bit. It’s Bird tokens, going into WAVAX! (Which them make their way into DAI, through Pangolin’s wizardry, just trust me on this one.)

  1. I made use of, because trawling through the transactions had given me a headache. Which, gives a nicer view of all the outflows. From Bird, to AVAX, to Dai.
We can see that the dev wallet sells Bird on a daily basis. Source:

Up until May 21st

Where the wallet goes quiet. At least on Markr anyway.

  1. It’s worth noting that the DAI & AVAX are routed through to a few other wallets. I have continued the search into these. They lead to x-Chain wallets. But it gets all too complex from there on.

Feel free to continue the search yourselves from here on out.

Closing thoughts.

I am not a professional blockchain forensicist. And, there may have been mistakes made in interpreting some of the transactions.

Things grew vastly more complex as tokens were added and removed from Pangolin LP.

But, the fact remains.

Birdy devs have gone missing. There have been some pretty big sell-offs by the dev wallet. Even after their disappearance.

Not even the community admins in the Telegram group know where they’ve gone.

And, with that being said, I’ll be selling my Birdy. Though, this is not "advice" of any kind.

Just seems a little too sketchy for my liking.

A final word to Birdy, should they return

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