One of the most exciting announcements at the #AvalancheSummit, Colonylab partnered with Phuture_finance to create CAI, the Colony Avalanche Ecosystem Index. This index is perfect for investors that are bullish on Avalanche’s ecosystem and are looking for exposure and gains well beyond just the AVAX token.

CAI provides exposure to the most prominent projects on Avalanche. Additional yield is passively earned through interest-earning protocols

CAI Pre-registration Is OPEN! 


Why should users be interested in #CAI

-Transparent, audited, dynamic on-chain execution. 

-Diversified approach to gain global exposure and build performance on the #Avalanche Ecosystem through a single token (CAI). 

-Simplified process to access passive performance of Top #Avalanche projects without any management. 

-Integration of Yield bearing mechanism to enable a true exposure to the value proposition of each Index constituent. (Thanks to our amazing partner @yieldyak_ )

– On-chain leveraging and shorting capacity: 

• Up to 11x leverage on the CAI Index, in partnership with @YetiFinance Protocol.

• Capacity to short the CAI Index.

To learn more about ColonyLab & PhutureFinance refer to links-

ColonyLab Website

PhutureFinance Website

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