Avalanche Summit has just started and we already have the first big surprises, one of them long awaited: the new wallet developed by Ava Labs! Its official name is ‘Core’ X and it is much more than just a wallet. The new App is developed specifically for the Avalanche network and its subnets, and you will be able to access it from your phone or from a browser extension.

Avalanche users have long been calling for an official wallet tailored for the Avalanche network, as the only official wallet available so far offers no options beyond the $AVAX token itself on its three internal networks (X, C and P). So, the most widely used local wallet in Avalanche is the well-known Metamask, configured to work on the C-Chain. Although there are many other wallets that can be used on the Avalanche network, none is yet good enough to dominate the market. This becomes even more relevant with the launch of the Avalanche subnets, as it will mean a new way of operating across blockchains. Core’ is intended to be a whole new operating system focused on Web3/DeFi.

Core is going to have very interesting features, some of them long demanded by the public, in order to reach the goal of mass public adoption in a simple and smooth experience. These features are:

  • Compatibility with hardware wallet, at least with Ledger as far as we know at the moment.
  • Portfolio management of tokens and NFTs easily accessible in one place, without the need to add token addresses.
  • Swap straight from the application and get the best possible price, as it will use the well-known Paraswap aggregator.
  • Buy $AVAX directly from the app, being able to do it using MoonPay.
  • Address book, where the addresses you use the most can be accessed quickly.
  • ‘Account Switcher’, a feature that allows you to manage different wallets using the same recovery phrase, facilitating the management of multiple accounts at the same time in a simple way.

Core will be launched first on its browser extension at the end of March, whereas for its mobile app we will have to wait until “early Q2”. This means that the wait won’t be too long and we will finally be able to stop using the already outdated Metamask. Avalanche Summit is going to bring us a lot of surprises, so don’t forget to check it all out here on Avalanche Today!

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