avax coins

AVAXCoins is the latest, hottest NFT project. Cooking behind the scenes for months, built by the Avaware team in collaboration with the original X-Chain AvaxCoins artist.

We’re excited about this one.

AVAX Coins

Let’s break down what we can share.

How many AVAX Coins are there?

2800 handcrafted NFTs.

What’s so special about AVAX Coins?

There’s more than one feature, that you’ll love.

  1. Handcrafted. One by one.
  2. 5% mint price reflected to holders.
  3. 5% market sales reflected to holders.

Basically: if you buy early, and buy more, you earn more.

When launch?

We’re looking at a Thursday 3PM EST launch. 9PM UTC. 10PM GMT.

The countdown is on behind the scenes. Though, the rest of the website is being kept under wraps.

What are the tiers?

We can’t say. You’ll have to keep your eyes open at launch. Though, the image below details “Porcelain and Consensus”.

What’s the mint price?

Again, we’re saving this. But, enough to make mint reflection worthwhile. And, enough to make them reasonable to buy.

Can we get a sneak peak at least?

Sure. Here’re two.


Any further clues?

Well, there’s a date on the NFT too. Perhaps there’ll be future series added? That’d be a huge use case for buying and hodling these for years to come. Though, that’s just me speculating.

See you at launch.

Website: AvaxCoins.com
Twitter: @AvaxCoins
Telegram: t.me/AvaxCoinsNFTs

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