A solid evolution in blockchain gaming. Making Avalanche its home. Crabada is setting the bar for Avalanche NFTs, utility, gaming, and more. All in line with the biggest craze in the space.

Play and Earn (Idle)

By playing Crabada, you earn more. Better yet, you can do it idly. While you sleep.


Blockchain-based. Running on Avalanche. With numerous nodes, little intervention, and fully blow decentralization.

4 Key Features


Mining requires 3 crabs. Once you’ve gathered a squad, a “mining expedition” can begin. An idle, play-to-earn, harvesting process.

You earn while you sleep.

You can expect these numbers on expeditions:

  • 4 hours mining time (idle)
  • 3.75 CRA
  • 303.75 TUS


Looting is another process that adds interest to the ecosystem.
If a mining expedition is underway, you can “attack”. Interfering with a mining operation.

Looting takes:

  • 1-3 hours
  • 65% rewards from the original mining expedition
  • a small bounty for active participation (0.3 CRA, 24.3 TUS)

But, if your looting fails. You go home with nothing.


Yes, gamified lending. I love it. The Tavern is where this takes place. And you can either lend or borrow mercenary NFTs.

Incentivised by looting and mining expeditions. As if players run out of reinforcements, they can pay for backup.


You can make them mate. But it’s a little deeper than that. There are gene pools, recessive genes, minor recessives.. eggs that hatch..

No doubt this will be a profitable opportunity for the lucky. But it comes with a cost. And the more they’re bred, the more expensive it gets. The first breeder gets the cheaper crab.

— insert image

64 Breeds

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on offer.

Special Breeding Event

To kick off the project: Crabada is issuing 60m/1b CRA. Creating the initial supply.

Crabada’s breeding eggs. They hatch into the next generation of Crab
  1. First 10 genesis crabadas issued.
  2. Then 630 pure crabadas
  3. Finally 5000 random breed crabadas


Yes, they fight too.

There will be PVE, PVP, tournaments. And battles break out when looting occurs too.


There are 3 core tokens.


ERC721. Standard NFTs. With fun features:

  • Breeding
  • Earning
  • Trading

Native Token (CRA)

ERC20. Governance token. Rewarded through staking. Accumulated by playing the game.

In-game Currency Token (TUS)

ERC20. TUS aka “Treasure Under Sea”. In-game currency. Earned exclusively by playing the game. Mining, looting, lending through the tavern.


  • Total supply: 1B CRA (governance token)

Distributed as per these guidelines:

  • Play to earn dist.: 30%
  • Ecosystem fund: 20%
  • Team: 17% (2 year quarterly vesting)
  • Staking: 13%
  • Bootstrap event: 6%
  • Private round: 6%


Solid roadmap. With plenty coming this quarter. And a whole load in store for next year.

Q4 (NOV)


  • Successful reservees will be distributed initial CRA
  • CRA will be used to purchase and breed Crabs

Beta Release

  • Breeding
  • Marketplace
  • Idle game
  • Battle prototype


  • Criss platform game
  • PVE campaigns
  • Quests
  • Levelling
  • L2 / Private chain (subnet?)

Q2 2022

  • Land NFTs
  • PVE tower maps
  • PVP matchmaking
  • Global rankings and ELO

Q3 2022

  • Item marketplace
  • Equipment
  • Medals
  • Skill books

Q4 2022

  • PVP Tournaments
  • More PVE content
  • Friends lists


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