CryptoDappers is an interactive NFT project that launched in mid-May and has become an NFT staple in the young Avalanche ecosystem. With 95% of the minted supply claimed within the first two weeks of launch, CryptoDappers have already built a strong community around these cute NFT collectables. And we understand why, just look at these little guys, how could you not want one?

Get Yourself A Dapper

Dappers are minted by visiting the claim portion of the website. Once you get there it will show you the last one minted, and let you choose how many you’d like to claim. The price goes up as more are claimed with a max supply of 2500, the current cost to mint yourself a little digital pal is 3 AVAX, a smell price to pay for companionship, don’t you think?


    Dappers can also be bought and sold on the marketplace where you can search to find the newest to add to your collection. When you scroll over a dapper in the marketplace you can see its tier which corresponds to rarity. If you’re lucky enough to have a rare breed of Dapper, who knows how much it may sell for in the marketplace, your little pet may just land you some cash a year or two down the road as this fun little game develops and continues to grow in popularity.

Let’s see what happens when we mint one of these puppy’s shall we?


I got a common one but at least it’s pretty cute! And the one I got from a fund raising event has a friend to play with now. You can head over to and claim one for yourself!

The developers have big plans for the future of the project as well, coming in June they plan on opening up the dog park. Owners will be able to stake their Dapper in the dog park and earn cool rewards while showing off their cute little companion. Looking to kill a little time and miss the old tamagotchi days? Maybe you’re just not feeling to dapper lately and need some cheering up. Head on over and check out what these guys are building and grab yourself a cool little friend. Who knows, maybe you’ll mint an ultra-rare little guy.

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