DeFi Gladiators Mint is Live Now! Be sure to pick up your random chests before the reveal, for your shot at a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Rarity!

The Time of legend is now upon us and the Chest Reveal has been officially announced for Sunday, January 23rd. Those that have already successfully minted their chest will be able to unleash their gladiator and find out just which one they’ve received.

The gladiators are officially verified on NFTrade and, so you can shop confidently with the Blue Check Mark if you’d like to take a shot on the secondary market

The first of many Educational Experiences has been set for January 26th at 18:30 UTC, all holders are invited to join The DeFi Gladiators & @Route2FI for a webinar that will provide host to subjects such as DeFi strategies, risk management, and how to break into the realm of financial freedom.

A multitude of benefits and member-exclusive tools are currently in development, that will be available to holders of a DeFi Gladiators NFT. Including but by far not limited to cutting-edge finance and options trading calculators as well as a Wonderland Finance Analytics Portal.

It’s Party Time!

There will be a live party hosted within the DeFi Gladiators Discord prior to and during the reveal (1/23/22). Be sure to hop into the Discord and be prepared for some fun, good music, as well as some friendly competitions and giveaways!

Get a head start to the party with a shot at a Free Chest!

You could Win a DeFi Gladiators NFT by entering on their official Twitter Below | @DefiGladiators | Discord

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