DeFiLaunch presale goes live February 13th! get ready because allocations are expected to go quick. The details of the presale are as follows

Date and time: February 13th, 23.00 UTC
Amount to be raised: 200,000 USDC.e

Pre-Sale Duration: 48Hs
Pre-Sale Price: $1 USD
Launch Price: 1 $DLAUNCH = $1.1 USD

Initial supply: 600,000 $DLAUNCH
Pre-sale: 200,000 (33%)
Liquidity locked: 90,910 (15%)
Partners: 171,590 (28.5%)
Pool Rewards: 87,500 (14.5%)
MKT: 50,000 (9%)

Participants are able to stake any amount they wish and their final allocation will be based on the number of funds deposited as a percentage of all user deposits.

DeFi Launch has announced Pangolin as the Main DEX for $DLAUNCH

As an incubator & launchpad, DeFiLaunch needs to rely on other platforms for $DLAUNCH trading and on each network must source reliable, secure, and renowned DEXs to add liquidity and open trading opportunities for their native token. One main DEX however will hold the main liquidity and get most of the $DLAUNCH trading.

Pangolin will be the main provider for $DLAUNCH liquidity on Avalanche and have plans to work closely and support each other on present and upcoming developments.

Shortly after the presale ends, $DLAUNCH will be whitelisted on Pangolin DEX and the links for trading there will be published on all of their channels.

SUPERFARM incoming!
As part of this amazing partnership, there is also a $DLAUNCH-UST LP SUPERFARM coming to Pangolin with an extraordinary high APR!

This will increase a lot $DLAUNCH buy pressure, making it easier for the price of the token to go up after we launch. Beyond this, it will incentivize more users to add liquidity to the farm and make trading more secure for everyone.

Avalanche.Today was able to ask DeFiLaunch some questions to learn a bit more about their project and their goals.

AT: “Can you give us a brief description of DeFi Launch?”

Defi Launch: “DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process. As the first incubator with development, marketing, communication, security, and investment teams, we have created a unique and safe destination for both pre-sale investors and pre-launch projects. Synergy is essential for the success of projects.”

AT: “What are you currently working on at DeFi Launch”

Defi Launch: “We are incubating several different projects for the AVAX network. They are by far the best we have ever had. We look for disruptive innovations in the industry that not only create value but also seek to be sustainable over time. We believe that it is essential that the projects that are launched on the network have to last over time and have long-term goals.”

AT: “How much focus will be given to the Avalanche network over other options?”

DeFi Launch: “The focus we put on AVAX is priority #1. Not only because the network has been growing a lot, but also because we believe that it is the most suitable network to work on these projects. We are a multichain incubator but today we are focused on Avalanche.”

AT: “How does your project provide security for users’ assets?”

DeFi Launch: “To provide the best security standards we have done our audit with Certik.
In addition to this, we have created our own security department: DeFiShield. Among other projects, defishield has audited the fantom 5table project. We have excellent blockchain engineers working to provide security”

AT: “What exactly is $DLAUNCH?”

DeFi Launch: “$DLAUNCH is the governance token at DeFi Launch. You’ll be able to buy $DLAUNCH and stake them in the pools and farms of the website. Also by holding $DLAUNCH you are joining the DeFiLaunch community and you will have access to participate in each of the DeFi Launches.”

AT: “What sets DeFiLaunch apart from other competitors in the space?”

DeFi Launch: “DeFi launch has a team full of experts with vast experience at successful DeFi projects that provides a world-class network of resources. Every project that is incubated at our platform gets the best partnerships, including optimized vaults, high visibility, priority getting the most recognized audits, development & security assistance, as well as promotional marketing packages with the most renowned media, and much more!”

We look forward to seeing what DeFiLaunch brings to the Avalanche ecosystem. Be sure to check our first article on DeFiLaunch and visit DeFiLaunch.Finance on February 13th for the presale.

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