Platypus - Defrost NFT whitelist partnership

Defrost, the platform behind stablecoin generation has announced a partnership with Platypus Finance on multiple levels.

NFT Whitelist Partnership

Platypus has selected Defrost as a partner for the Platypus NFT whitelist campaign.

Platypus will provide 5 NFT whitelist spots to those participating in Defrost’s Social Media campaign.

To be eligible for a chance to win an NFT whitelist, you’ll have to:

The campaign will run until May 23rd at 14:00 UTC, and you can join it here!

More Partnerships

Platypus also announced their $H2O factory pool, which is going live on Platypus Finance next week.

Platypus in partnership with Defrost, will bring a new stablecoin pool (USDC / H2O) on Platypus. 

More details will be announced soon, so make sure that you follow Platypus Finance and Defrost Finance Twitter accounts and Medium’s

Defrost Finance


Twitter: @Defrost_Finance

Platypus Finance


Twitter: @Platypusdefi 

What is Defrost?

Defrost is a protocol built on Avalanche, allowing stablecoin generation by collateralizing other tokens. Defrost has its own stablecoin $H2O, which is soft pegged to the dollar and is native to the Avalanche ecosystem.

The initiative intends to create a stablecoin that is not backed by USD while releasing more liquidity through Liquidity Provider tokens.

You can find Defrost DOCs here

What is Platypus Finance?

The Platypus Finance protocol is a single-sided AMM used on the Avalanche blockchain to exchange stable coins. 

The critical concept of Platypus’s design is the asset liability management or ALM, which makes Platypus an efficient AMM for stablecoin swaps and cuts it apart from most DeFi protocols!

You can find Platypus DOCs here

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