Degis has announced a partnership with Verilog Solutions. The two plan to establish a Web3 Security Hub to deliver real-time security alerts. The need for peace of mind and security when dealing with your assets is undeniable, and Denis will send urgent notifications of unusual events in the crypto world and provide security education content, essential for asset protection. They have accepted the mission to safeguard users’ assets and make the web3 world a safer place.

We’ve previously covered Degis for its price prediction model and other initiatives on Avalanche. They are the next-generation all-in-one protection protocol and can proudly say they were the first on Avalanche. Offering exhaustive protection to users and traders with a decentralized protection market that intends to bring scalable risk management to the crypto world. Having already launched Price Protection with their initial matching mechanism, the coming product will be Protocol Protection, Which covers the risks regarding smart contracts, rug pulls, and more. Be on the lookout for further amazing features and functions provided by Degis.

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Verilog Solutions is a full-stack Web3 security firm that specializes in covering smart contract security, consensus security, and operational security for Web3 projects. They work closely with all the major L1&L2 Blockchains by being their node operators and providing in-depth security consulting services. They boast a quality above quantity approach and provide long-term service on a retainer model for any incremental auditing needs.

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