After continued success on their initial chain (BNB Chain), cross-chain expansions will be deployed as approved by the community through voting polls. here’s what you need to know about DxLaunch’s cross-chain expansions.

To ensure these expansions are beneficial for both parties, the DxLaunch protocol has planned a way in which to increase buying pressure of $DXL while keeping its circulation stable.

Plans are set to move a portion of the current liquidity held on the BNB Chain to the more favorable Avalanche Network, and also to Fantom to support liquidity for trading in all of the supported chains. The network bridge will maintain a balance with enough tokens to support fluid activity.

Benefits for $DXL holders

Holders will benefit from a direct increase in token price, due to an increased buy pressure combined with an aligned stable supply. Holders will also obtain early access to new investment opportunities.

Token holders on the BNB Chain will have their benefits expanded to Avalanche and Fantom. Simply bridge your tokens over and enjoy exclusive discounts, receive a higher hard cap in presales, vote, earn, and more!

How to bridge?

Multichain is one of DxLaunch’s primary partners. They will support bridges for both DxLaunch itself, and all the cross-chain protocols that are expected to launch through their launchpad.

Users can simply go to and send tokens from one chain to the other.

More details about $DXL tokenomics here

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