The Embr.Finance Presale is LIVE. Things are a bit different than usual, this presale is being held via NFTs within the Avalanche Friends Series. Each NFT purchased will be redeemable for 1000 EMBR after the Embr.Finance Bootstrap Event.

How To Participate In the Pre-Sale
  • Visit The Avaware NFT Collection Page Here
  • Approve Your Wallet To interact with Avaware.Network
  • You must have 500 $AUSD for each EMBRY The Embr NFT you would like to Mint
  • Each Minted NFT will be redeemable for 1000 EMBR
  • To Obtain $AUSD You may buy it or Mint on Avaware Here

Some users have reported an issue with Metamask’s latest update: If the transaction is not prompted in your browser enter “Advanced Settings -> Reset on MetaMask. Then Proceed as normal.

Bonus – Chance to Win NFT Mint #1

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