Fief Guild is the first Economic guild of the metaverse that will be embedded across high-potential game projects, it only makes sense that they approach their token economy and treasury growth in a highly gamified manner.

Introducing the very first Initial Guild Membership (IGM) NFT sale where Fief will be selling banner/coat of arm NFTs that signify your rank within the Fief guild.

These NFTs come in a variety of rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Majestic) and are categorized into 5 major factions (Merchants, Craftsman, Farmers, Bishops, and Alchemists).

Each faction of the Fief guild will be assigned specific roles and responsibilities to assist in the growth of the Fief treasury and adoption of the Fief token as the primary reserve currency of the entire metaverse.

In return, each faction will also receive guild-specific rewards and other perks from treasury & future protocol activities:

  • Merchants: Fief NFT swaps/marketplace activity
  • Craftsman: In-game item activity
  • Farmers: LAND and virtual world activity
  • Bishops: In-game fungible token activity
  • Alchemists: Traditional DeFi protocol activity

Plans have been set to release a dedicated roadmap associated with Fief factions, which will include the introduction of team members who will step into roles of faction leadership. In time, fief envisions that each faction will be able to organize around its own decentralized sub-organization — the possibilities are endless.

Rocket Joe

Fief Guild has announced the $FIEF token will launch next week through Rocket Joe

Launching with rJOE provides many benefits including:

  • Fair market price discovery
  • Large LP from launch to support trading
  • Fief owns its own liquidity

Rocket Joe will host the EXCLUSIVE initial launch of the $FIEF token in advance of the IGM #NFT sale. Stay tuned for more information on how and when to participate.

It is definitely worth noting that there will be ZERO $FIEF supply in circulation until weeks after $rJOE. Fief has learned from previous events and have taken steps to ensure a solid launch.

Allocation table – Fief holds the entire supply

The IGM #NFTs are most of our emissions and they will not start until after Rocket Joe.

Fief Marketplace – coming soon

Core to the Fief guild strategy is the development and deployment of key decentralized protocols that achieve the following:

  1. Add utility and value to metaverse assets held by the guild
  2. Facilitate a self-sustaining internal guild economy

As the first implementation of this strategy, Fief will soon be launching the Fief Marketplace, a multi-chain NFT marketplace that is entirely focused on in-game and guild assets.

The Fief Marketplace is tentatively set to go live in late February coming soon after the launch of the Initial Guild Membership (IGM) NFT sale. With this initial release, only the primary IGM market will be available. The plan is to introduce the first peer-to-peer functionality centered around these assets as a follow-on release.

The Fief Marketplace is highly targeted towards metaverse assets such as LAND and other in-game items.

Through a dedicated focus on metaverse NFTs, Fief can tailor experiences and transactional interactions that plug into both the primary Fief guild economy and the economies of our partnered games. Third-party game NFTs will be whitelisted on a per-project basis, determined by factors including Fief treasury holdings and strategic guild positioning.

In addition to in-game assets, the Fief Marketplace will host the primary storefronts for each Fief faction. These storefronts will have an ongoing rotation of Fief faction NFTs that can be added to users’ inventories to increase their stake of faction-specific rewards (details on Faction NFTs will be covered later).

The faction storefronts will function as a massive value driver for the Fief treasury and a primary source of fee generation for the Merchant faction — see below.

Long term, the aim is for the Fief Marketplace to be the primary location where gamers, collectors, and speculators buy, sell and trade in-game assets.

Fief Guild will publish a high-level roadmap for the introduction of features as they move more towards peer-to-peer transactions, but in the meantime, expect the bulk focus to be on primary faction-based NFTs.

About Fief

Fief is the first economic guild of the metaverse with the primary objectives to acquire key assets from across the metaverse and drive the value of those assets through the combination of a highly-gamified guild faction system and decentralized protocols.

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