Firat NFT is one of the most successful NFT collections in the Avalanche ecosystem, resisting even the disastrous conditions the market is in right now. As we briefly mentioned in Avalanche Today a few weeks ago, Firat is a collection of drawings focused on a famous and beloved comic book character in Turkey, making the launch of its first collection a success. The 5000 units of the first collection were sold for 0.75 AVAX each in a matter of minutes, being today its floor price at 3.50 AVAX, although this price reached much higher figures before the last crypto market crash.

First Firat NFT Collection in Kalao Marketplace

The launch of its second collection will be in a special place, as it will debut Trader Joe’s future NFT market: JOEPEG. We still know very little about the new market that Trader Joe’s team is preparing, so we can’t say much about how it will work and how the collection will be launched. The only thing we can see on JOEPEG’s social media is a numerical account that started a week ago and is managing to create the hype they are aiming for.

Both Firat NFT and Trader Joe are undoubtedly two of the biggest names in their sector in the Avalanche ecosystem, so it’s hard not to be optimistic about this double launch. But Firat is only the first one, as JOEPEG has just announced what will be their second collection: Swarms. Who will be next?

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