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Frost Finance, the first KYC farm on Avalanche!

Frost Finance is the first RugDog KYC Yield Farm and NFT ecosystem built on the Avalanche Network.

In addition, Frost Finance provides a Tri Token ($TUNDRA, $EXP, $DUN) foundation that offers utility to each token offered.

Tri Token Application

Frost Finance offers a Tri Token, multi-layered yield farming and NFT platform for Avalanche users. Let us take a further look at the three separate tokens on Frost Finance.


The Layer 1 yield-farming token, serves as the gateway token into Frost Finance. This token allows users to participate across all sectors of their platform.

  • $DUN

Dune, the Layer 2 yield-farming token, began as 50% of TUNDRA’s max supply was minted.

  • $EXP

The EXP token is used for NFT gaming & Mini Games. Once the NFT game is deployed, EXP will be used as the native in-game token.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the Tokenomics of this multi-layered project.


$TUNDRA (0x21c5402C3B7d40C89Cc472C9dF5dD7E51BbAb1b1)

The Layer 1 yield-farming token, TUNDRA, has a max supply of 150,000 tokens, with an emission rate of 0.03/block.

  • 90% rewards
  • 25% NFT development
  • 10% marketing
  • 10% treasury
  • 5% team incentive


Dune has a max supply of 75,000 tokens, with an emission rate of 0.03/block.

  • 75% Rewards
  • 15% Treasury
  • 5% Partnerships & Marketing
  • 5% Automatically Burned



EXP has an infinite max supply, with an emission rate of 0.01/block.

  • 90% Rewards
  • 8% Partnerships & Marketing
  • 2% Frost Team

Key Features of Frost Finance

Frost Finance values five core principles that shape the foundation of the project.

  • Financial Security
  • Robust Growth
  • Outstanding quality
  • Seamless ease of use
  • Transparency

Now, let us look at the recent price action of the Tri-Token platform, Frost Finance.

$TUNDRA reached an all-time high of $6,700 before retracing to today’s price of $214 (per September 6th, 2021).

As of now, 8,270 tokens are in circulation, which may explain its recent price depreciation.

Is TUNDRA still worth it at today’s prices?

TUNDRA offers several entries into their multi-layered application and serves as the anchor for the project.

There are four separate yield-farming pools you can participate in.

Additionally, Frost Finance offers single-sided staking opportunities for TUNDRA. Let’s take a look at some opportunities presented on the platform.

In the above example, you can stake the native TUNDRA token or assets such as WAVAX, USDC.e, WETH.e, PNG, and a lot more to earn rewards!


As of September 6th, 2021, Frost Finance is partners with Yield Yak(Autocompounder) and Pangolin(DEX).

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