Metapep Labs will be hosting the lead artist of @salvor_io & Co-founder of @artsoupxyz, @spacefullart on the upcoming “Micro Mint Monday”. Guests will have the opportunity to mint an NFT from the “Ghosts of AVAX” collection.

The latest collection by @spacefullart features 132 unique pieces of digital artwork, including pieces created by various talents from throughout the Avalanche community. To make things even more interesting, a connected collection, Ghost Realm Cards, will showcase the lands of the Ghosts, and collectors will have the opportunity to acquire unique Ghosts by utilizing this collection.

Ghost of AVAX NFT art previews

Collectors can obtain a Ghost of AVAX NFT for every 10 Realm Cards they possess. The Ghost Realm Cards mint will occur before the Ghosts of AVAX mint, and all cards given away during the Micro Mint Monday event will be sent. Additionally, collectors with 20 Realm Cards will receive a surprise NFT in addition to a 1/1 Ghost, while those with 15 Realm Cards will be eligible for a special hand-drawn 1/1 Ghost.

Ghost Realm Cards in a Nutshell
Mint Cost

The Ghost of AVAX NFTs will be priced at 0.85 AVAX.

Ghost Realm Cards will cost 0.15 AVAX.

Ghost Realm Cards – Distribution Details

60 Realm Cards will be distributed before the mint, with 5 cards going to each artist who contributed to the collection, and 10 cards will be distributed via Twitter. This leaves only 130 cards up for grabs, making these NFTs highly coveted. Don’t miss your chance to add these rare and unique pieces to your collection.

On March 3rd, Ghost Realm Cards will start minting!

Twitter Space for full details and coverage of the event.

Make sure to catch the Twitter space on March 6th! You can set a reminder and RSVP Here — Twitter

Dates & Times
  • Ghosts of AVAX Mint will be on March 6th -Total supply will be 132 -Mint price will be 0.85 $avax
  • Mint of The Ghost Realm cards, will be held on March 3rd.

Ghost of AVAX – Storyline

In the world of Avalanche, there is a hidden realm that few have ever seen – the underworld of AVAX. It is a place shrouded in mystery and home to the ghosts of those who have passed on to the afterlife. Spacefullthoughts, a digital artist and explorer, discovered the underworld of AVAX during one of his travels. As he ventured deeper into the realm, he encountered the Ghosts of AVAX, who were wandering aimlessly, searching for a purpose. The Ghosts of AVAX had once lived among the living on the Avalanche network, but their time had come and gone. Now, they were stuck in the afterlife, unable to move on to the next realm. But they were not without hope. With the help of Spacefullthoughts, the Ghosts of AVAX found new purpose in their existence. Together, they harnessed the power of art and the magic of the underworld to create a new world for themselves and for all who would follow. The Ghosts of AVAX worked tirelessly to make Avalanche the best art NFT environment in the crypto universe. With their unique talents and the support of their new friend, Spacefullthoughts, they created a collection of NFTs that would inspire and engage all who saw them. Now, the Ghosts of AVAX are no longer aimlessly wandering in the underworld. They have found their purpose and their place in the world of Avalanche, thanks to the power of art and the magic of the afterlife.

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