Automated DCA Investment Protocol with Incentivized Rewards.

Dollar-cost averaging is the way to maintain a stable investment and it is the backbone of the Hare Protocol. Utilizing the lightning-fast Avalanche Network, you can earn stablecoin yields as your $Hare balance grows in the Hare Vault. Join us and become part of Hare Finance, the first of its kind – a DCA protocol. Claim your stablecoin USDC rewards every hour!

Start Earning Rewards!

What Is DCA Protocol?

Automated DCA Protocol (ADP) is a unique mechanism that provides higher stabilization for yield farming, staking, and NFTs. ADP enables users to leverage the dollar-cost average buys over a certain period of time.

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What makes the ADP a unique Protocol? It is the only protocol to employ automated buys with a dollar-cost average of a platform token, and automatically staking it for the user. This method provides for unlimited and continuous passive stable income.

How’s it work?

Hare Finance is essentially a place to park your stable USDC.e and earn even more, up to 1.8% max daily on your overall deposit.

The USDC.e that you deposit buys the $HARE token at intervals, every 6 hours for a total of 60 hours, giving you a smooth average price, not a pump and dump. You can also buy $HARE on Pangolin (Avax Dex) for a 12% buy tax, 20% sell tax, but within the Hare protocol there is only a 6% fee to deposit your USDC.e. Your $HARE is automatically locked for 15–60 days (users choice), and during this term, you earn daily USDC.e stablecoin rewards.

The Developer

There has been a tremendous amount of hard work put into this protocol from the HareFinance team, all around, but especially so by the developer Code Jacks. He has been praised for going above and beyond to craft the unique DeFi experience that is Hare Finance.

Hare Roadmap


Earn 1% of the Amount of USDC Traded on HARE Ecosystem for life, from anyone who uses your referral link. You can find your Referral link Here

NOTE: Minimum amount required to withdraw is $250

Want to get involved or learn more?

The Auto DCA Protocol (ADP) is a unique protocol that provides a value field for yield farming, staking, and NFTs, and enables users to leverage the dollar cost average buys over a period of time.

You are encouraged to hop into the Telegram or Discord servers to chat directly with the team if you have any questions. Be sure DYOR as always and be sure to read and educate yourself on the protocol.

Landing Page | Whitepaper

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