How to bridge to Avalanche

With the rise in gas prices in the Ethereum network and the scalability issues that became apparent after the arrival of thousands of users, people looked for cheaper, better, and faster alternatives.

This was when the Ethereum killer narrative was born, and major L1s exploded in TVL in a brief period.

Avalanche became the go-to EVM for developers looking to build on a fast and secure network, and users followed immediately. 

A bridge from Ethereum to Avalanche was essential and Ava labs made sure to deliver a fast and credible bridge to make the transition seamless.

This article will explore the best and most secure way to transfer your funds from Ethereum to Avalanche.

Step 1

Head over to and connect your wallet

Step 2

On the next screen, you’ll be able to choose a token and the amount that you’d like to transfer.

Just select the token you want to bridge and enter the amount of the tokens you’d like to bridge.

Step 3

Once you are ready, click “Transfer” and wait. This should take between 10 and 20 minutes. 

Keep in mind that right now, Avalanche is airdropping 0.1 AVAX for transfers larger than 75$

When you transfer, you will be able to see your funds on your AVAX address. If you haven’t set up your wallet for Avalanche, you won’t be able to interact with the network.

But don’t worry, cause adding Avalanche to Metamask is a fairly easy task!

Sending AVAX to Avalanche from a CEX

If this is the first time you are using the Avalanche network, you’ll have to send a small amount of $AVAX to your address to cover the gas fees. 

Unfortunately, you can’t send $AVAX with the official Avalanche bridge, so you’ll have to use a CEX (Centralized Exchange) like Binance or Coinbase.

This is as simple as copying and pasting your AVAX wallet address into your CEX withdraw page. It is also a little quicker since it takes 5-10 minutes or less for the funds to arrive in your non-custodial wallet.

More Avalanche Bridges

Those looking to bridge from more networks will have to use other bridges since the official Avalanche bridge doesn’t support additional networks.

One of the best all-in-one bridges is Multichain (formerly known as Anyswap), allowing you to bridge to Avalanche from every major L1. The fees are also pretty affordable, so it’s the go-to choice for most users.

More options are available like 

  • Synapse 
  • CBridge
  • Allbridge
  • RenVM 

Read more about the best bridges on Avalanche!

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