Post our recent article on AVME, where we covered AVME’s steps towards dominating the Avalanche wallet niche as well as block-chain based security tools. AVME and Yield Yak have since partnered on something worth highlighting…

(If you haven’t read into AVMEs updates.)

What AVME and Yield Yak are Doing.

They’re building software wallets, and, cold wallet integration. So, users no longer need to rely on Metamask alone for their ARC20 token storage.

They’re building out a wider security suite too, but, here’s the update:

Both Yield Yak and AVME have come together to authorize Yield Yak’s auto compounding in AVME’s wallet.

AVME wallet with Yield Yak integration. v1.1.0
That right there, that is a Yield Yak stamp of approval.

They’ve done it. And I’m not sure who to be more excited for?

AVME, for reaching out into the wider community, and getting the Yak stamp of approval. There are clear benefits for AVME bulls.

Yield Yak, for cementing their integration into AVME’s wallet. Which, by the way, is the first of its kind on Avalanche.

Either way, the progress is phenomenal. We’ll be covering more on this soon. Word on the grapevine: they could be bringing something more very soon.

What does that actually mean?

Putting it plain and simple: we now have a non-web-browser interface for compounding LP (liquidity provider) tokens.

Maximizing earnings for yield farmers. But, without the perceived risk of Metamask’s browser-based integration.

Where can you get the updated AVME wallet?

The updated AVME wallet is now available on the AVME Github. You can exchange AVME through their Pangolin exchange interface, in-wallet. Stake AVME LP tokens, and earn staking rewards. And, now, opt to auto compound through their Yield Yak integration.

AVME 1.1.0 release on Github
The latest AVME wallet release on their Github. Source: Github.

There’s support for multiple platforms.

Notably, it’s also working for Mac users too! Which, is insane that they’ve turned around the work so fast.

AVME wallet downloads
Archives for the multiple platforms that AVME is compatible with.

Yield Yak AVME farms

You can auto compound your AVME LP tokens directly with Yield Yak, as they integrated the contracts a few days ago. Which is posting some pretty lucrative rewards.

Yield Yak AVME farm
Yield Yak AVME-AVAX farm. Source: Yield Yak.

Closing comments

Would love to hear your thoughts on both AVME and Yield Yak. We’re in touch with both teams, and will definitely relay any responses we get back!

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