HyperPay has just announced the support of Embr Finance in its wallet, allowing its users to access the interesting options of Avalanche’s new DeX and portfolio manager. As we have already detailed in other articles, Embr Finance is a fork of Balancer V2, a new style of DeX that allows the creation of complex pools and not just pairs.

HyperPay is a big platform that offers numerous products, such as hardware wallet, lending, stake, cloud mining, etc. But most importantly, HyperPay is a multichain digital wallet that allows access to numerous dApps from different networks. This is a great step forward for Embr Finance, as it is still a young DeX that needs more visibility, so HyperPay users will be able to check out the advantages of this innovative DeX and portfolio manager.

If you still don’t know Embr Finance or HyperPay yet, you can now try them both and get to know their benefits first hand. HyperPay’s app in the Google Playstore has received excellent reviews, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Embr is on fire!

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