Islander is the new big project to be launched at Avalanche, a decentralized learn-to-learn platform focused on marketing, but with a unique and innovative style that focuses on the use of NFT’s as a key element, together with its token $ISA. If we look at the list of partnerships and investors that it has attracted prior to its launch, we can get an idea of the potential size of the project. After launching their testnet with airdrop more than two months ago, today they are finally launching their mainnet.

What is Islander?

“Islander uses the innovative learn-to-earn & NFT-powered affiliate model to empower a new economy and build an Island-verse for web 3.0 content & marketing”. This model is focused on benefiting different sectors, whether you are a project founder or an independent content creator:

  • Crypto Projects and Enterprises: island owners can create reward systems that attract visitors to perform different tasks.
  • Independent content creators: on Islander these will be called ‘merchants’. In this case you can use your tokens to create different types of NFT (clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc.), which you can sell, making Islander a large marketplace where different types of investors can participate.
  • Meeting centre: In the Island Lounge you will be able to organise events to connect all kinds of people from all over the world.

How the $ISA token works

Islander wants its token to be used so that projects can find more supporters, influencers can generate income and other creators or investors can also benefit from it.

  • Crypto projects, or ‘Island Lords’, can use ISA to create new quests or bounties and attract more visitors. In addition, by staking their tokens, projects can unlock new features, such as NFTs or discounts.
  • Influencers, or ‘Boat Owners’, will use it in the following way: “It works similarly to affiliate links on affiliate e-commerce sites: influencers can create their customized links and incentivize people to use them to purchase tokens of a crypto project. ISA is used to “mint” these links on Islander at a large volume. By staking ISA, influencers will have access to greater rewards.”
  • Normal users, ‘residents’ or ‘quest takers’, by staking ISA will have access to more daily quests.

With each transaction a fee will be charged in ISA, part of which will be burned forever and part of which will go to the platform, aiming to increase its scarcity and therefore its long-term value. If you want to learn more details about their tokenomics, click here.

Launch and airdrop campaigns

Today 24 January 2022 is the official launch day, for which they have dedicated a large airdrop separated into two ‘campaigns’ called “Be an Islander” (10 million ISA, equivalent to $30,000) and “Grand Admirals” (6,666,666 ISA equivalent to $20,000). An account with KYC is required on this platform, so keep this in mind if you want to enjoy it.

The main projects as of today, or ‘islands’ in this case, are the following: Pangolin, Avalaunch, Maximizer, Trader Joe, Avaware, Kalao, and Colony. A good selection, isn’t it?

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