Trader Joe, the biggest AMM on the Avalanche network, is venturing into the world of NFTs with their own marketplace called JoePEG.

To make sure it stands out in the already competitive landscape of Avalanche NFT marketplaces they are making sure they introduce a number of unique and improved features:
LaunchPEG – An NFT launchpad with Dutch and Ascending Auctions modes in addition to traditional flat mints.
Whitelist – JoePEG will natively support whitelisting functionality for collections launching on their platform.
Batch Reveal – collection creators will be able to delay reveals for a better launch-day atmosphere and price stability.

In addition to traditional Unverified and Verified collections, JoePEG will also have a separate Gold Tier for exceptional projects that exceed certain performance metrics.

To help onboard as many new creators as possible the marketplace will also run a contract creation service for artists with little web3 experience. To make finding those creators and navigating the ever-growing avalanche NFT ecosystem easier JoePEG will index and support trading for all compatible NFT contracts and implement trait-based filters. Similar to NFTrade listings will be performed off-chain so that users won’t need to submit transactions and can retain ownership of their NFTs.

In addition to the Launch Partners in form of existing NFT collections (Firat, Eternity, The Person) Trader Joe will be launching their own official NFT set: CLUB JOEPEGS. They will give holders access to exclusive deal and perks such as airdrops and merch from the new JOE Merch Store.

Exact date of the launch is still to be announced but has launched in “beta” with limited features with additional functionality following shortly after.

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