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The Avalanche NFT bubble is yet to come. And there’s nothing like NFTs that are fun. Well, perhaps JoyBoys. NFTs that are based on the 1# selling Manga series of all time.

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Mint your NFTs on JoyBoysNFT.

Brief run through

  • A tiered NFT collection. There are multiple levels of rarity.
  • 2500 NFTs. The distribution is capped.
  • Influenced by the OnePiece. It’s very famous.
  • A super popular manga series. We’ll touch on just how popular shortly.
  • Launch date. 17th September. (Tomorrow.)

What is OnePiece?

  • The most sold manga series of all time. Yes, the most sold. And there’s more than just manga.
  • Comics, games, movies. The whole shebang. And now, NFTs.
  • A large world of diverse characters. There many, many, denizens of the OnePiece world. Which, come in all shapes and
  • Multi-species, multi-race.
  • Strong story lines.

What are JoyBoys?

  • Part of the OnePiece world
  • Releasing 100+ unique characters
  • JoyBoy is an actual character from the series. Who, connects with some of the biggest mysteries in OnePiece.

I’m not a OnePiece lore boffin. But, if you want some more background story. Check out this video.


  • Supply: 2500
  • Rarity: Tiered

Tiers of Rarity

As with most NFTs. There are varying tiers. Some of more commonly minted, others are harder to come by. Here are the rarities you can expect.

  • Lord of pirate (0.1%)
  • Emperor (2%)
  • Revolutionary (3%)
  • Samurai (6.3%)
  • Mugiwara (9%)
  • Government / Marines (13%)
  • Random people (66%)
  • Secret items (0.6%)
image 20
JoyBoy distribution.

JoyBoy characters

There are a lot of different characters you can get your hands on. See the image below.

JoyBoy characters you can expect.

The sale beings tomorrow. 17th September. Be sure to jot this one down in your diaries. This isn’t one to miss.

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