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Kalao’s been thrown around a lot lately. The name at least.

They’re launching soon. With distribution through Avalaunch.

Before Kalao kicks off, let’s share what we know.

It’s an NFT marketplace

Somewhere you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs. Artwork, relics, scarce creations, you know the sort.

The “Metaverse”

An ambiguous term for a digital universe. Nothing new, really. Pretty much every game is a metaverse. But, …

Blockchain-powered. Making it special. With experience and scarcity intertwined. Here are some generic reasons why it’s hot:

  • NFTs become more real.
  • Anyone/everyone will be able experience NFTs in cyberspace.
  • Bragging rights.

VR’s role in Kalao

VR separates Kalao from other marketplaces; YetiSwap, Snowflake, etc.

They’re doing more than facilitating trades. They’re putting a world around it too. Here are the things we know about:

  1. A full metaverse experience
  2. Purchasable “pieces” of Kalao’s virtual worlds. Note world-sss.
  3. Showcase features; 3D personalized galleries.

In-app minting

This isn’t super innovative. It’s available elsewhere. But, it’s great that they’re making a full, user-friendly, customer-focused solution.

Kalao’s Avalaunch IDO

Avalaunch is handling distribution. Avalanche’s premier launchpad. They require KYC for participation.

Registration is now closed. With the sale moving ahead on 22th September. At which point, those entering the sale will be free to sell their tokens on any DEX.

Investor’s two cents

(This does not constitute financial advice.)

Kalao is going up at $0.037.

With a total supply of 500m. Pushing an $18.5m diluted market cap out of the gate. And a circulating market cap at just over $500K.

The nearest comparison for pricing: YetiSwap. Arguably generous. But it’s what we have.

Yeti’s circulating market cap stands at approx $1.25m. I anticipate Kalao’s market cap to push at least $3m first day.

Which could be a 6x for presale buyers. Pricing at this price would reach approx $0.15-.20 once the token hits the market. FOMO will likely push it higher.

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