Kalao is only available on Avalanche, yet the Kalao team intends to have the most feature-rich and easy-to-use marketplace across all blockchains. The new release is a big step in this direction, which has been in development for the past couple of months.

Intuitive UI | Fully redesigned UI & UX | Completely mobile-responsive

The Kalao marketplace v2 has launched but you can take a look the teaser video

Kalao now provides a completely revamped experience designed for everyone

You can now explore much more intuitively, discover interesting collections seamlessly and make use of analytics to determine their potential and even receive recommendations based on your personal NFT taste. You can also follow your favorite creators and be notified when something is happening!

Keep an overview of all events in the on-site activity tab and receive notifications for activity on your account. Soon you’ll be able to follow artists and collectors and add NFTs to your watchlist. Stay up-to-date through the kalao Telegram bot.

Check rarities on the property tab of an NFT’s page to find opportunities as well as take advantage of Advanced Analytics, which helps you identify what others are trading and which NFTs show potential. Soon users will be able to contact sellers in hopes to work out a purchase.

Gain insights across collections, per collection, and for each individual NFT. Floor price, market cap, sales and price history, rarity rankings, number of owners/buyers/sellers, and more …. in real-time!

Features are in the making to enable personalized recommendations for up-and-coming NFT collections you might be interested in. The kalao algorithm is looking at which NFTs you own and like, which NFTs other collectors who are similar to you hold, and what the current market trend is.

With a streamlined experience, Kalao v2 makes it easier than ever for you to own your desired NFTs. Witch such as Express Checkout, you can Add NFTs to your basket and buy them all at once.

Express Checkout

The Bulk listing feature is great for those of us with a long list of NFTs, list multiple NFTs in one go.

A next-level feature now available is Credit-card support, you may Top up your account directly with your credit card thanks to kalao partner Ramp Network.

With Collection offers, make an offer valid for any item in a collection. This way, you are essentially bidding on the floor NFTs. You can also input the quantity, making sweeping floors easy!

Trait bidding is another unique feature that’s in the works, for example, if You are after a specific NFT trait in a collection, Kalao enables you to bid on it directly. Your bid will be valid for all NFTs within a collection with this exact property. For example, bid on all NFTs from the ‘Kalao v2 collection’ with a blue background.

For Creators

New auction formats
Kalao wants to give artists and NFT projects the freedom to distribute their NFTs in a way that suits their own and their community’s needs. You can choose between a standard fixed price mint on a first come first serve basis, a standard auction, or a dutch auction. Optionally, you can add a whitelist. Of course, additional auction types will be released later on.

Our minting contracts are battle-tested and launches are 100% free for you. No upfront fee, no performance fee. You need that money to build.

Creator profiles
The place where you can present yourself and your art, in a personal way. Users can not only search by collection but can also explore all the creators on our marketplace.

ERC 1155 support
v2 allows you to create and trade ERC-1155 tokens. That’s especially helpful for games that use this NFT type for common items (e.g. potions).

Supporting you along the way
With our NFT launchpad KalaoGo, you don’t have to worry about smart contracts, frontend or backend services. Additionally, we provide you with our NFT expertise and are happy to support you in marketing.

Behind the Scenes — Tech Stack

V2 marketplace is built completely from scratch in Golang, allowing scaling of the platform smoothly. The tech stack is optimized for real-time on-chain events, which is a prerequisite for NFT auctions.


Kalao marketplace v2 comes with a bunch of unique features for the Avalanche community, creators, and integration partners. Check out the marketplace today!

Kalao Marketplace

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